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WIP Kinnekulle Project

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Jonathan Johansson, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. ...
    New Project, Enjoy!


    Location: Sweden
    Length: 2072 Meters
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  2. Looks promising :) (Kinnekulle has been available for Isi-based sims for a while though!)
  3. Thank you! yes there is a version of Kinnekulle avaliable, which is coming from stcc2 (not the simbin game, but the old dice game) But it is very innacurate :/
    I have always wanted to make this track but i wanted to get some more track building skills before moving onto this great track! (Rörberg, high hopes etc) But i think the time is here to get on with this track and then hopefully also get it over to 3dstudio max and rFactor 2
  4. Heres another picture showing some of the spec map experimenting ive been working on lately!


    Have a nice day and Merry Christmas
  5. It looks absolutely awesome, that track surface is increible, good job there!!! I guess that a lot of work is still to do, but that experiments you've done haven given you a great result.
    It's the same corner in both screens?

    Keep uploading some wip pictures please!
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  6. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    Very promising Jonathan. I like that solar effect on that tarmac part.
  7. Happy new year everybody, when 2012 is here its back to work on this track!

    How do you like my guardrails? i think they could use some more work

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  8. I think they look very good. They have a 'new' look to them, so should be used mainly on tracks that have had a bit of money spend on them. If the barrier is a wall, try using some vertical randomness for the topmost points.
  9. [​IMG]

    Just thaught id let you know that the work on this track has stopped for now, i have started to make some sort of learning project in 3d studio max so i can get to know how it works to put a track in rFactor 2 and make use of all its new features! i hope i will continue this track later :)
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  10. Sniff :( ;)

    Where did you get that sky though? Personally, I like it - is it in some skyfile pack?
  11. I got that sky from KittX and no its not in some skyfile pack, in fact i dont even have it anymore.. If you want a nice sky i can dig one up for you.