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Kimi Raikkonen Helmet Pack by Tino Ahola

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Tino Ahola, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Hello everybody! I have finally finished this helmet pack of Kimi Raikkonen. Lots of hours spent with my dear friend Photoshop and I finally can release this. No in game pics because i'm just so tired with this project :D Also no menu icons, srry also for that. Huge thanks again for ML2166 for his template. Works ONLY with finned helmet version. Hope you like it. :)
    Helmets will replace following generic helmets in bespokehelmets:
    2002 -> gen_22
    2003 -> gen_23
    2004 -> gen_24
    2005 -> gen_25


    Kimi Raikkonen Helmet Pack by Tino Ahola
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  2. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium Member

    2002 was his biest helmet of this!

    Thank you!
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  3. thats it, i don't need any other helmet ever... unless you make his 2006 monaco helmet, thank you so much

    you have given me a good problem....

    i can't decide which one to use...
  4. Great job buddy. :)
  5. Haha :D thanks to you and everyone else. Im thinking of doing the '06 helmet but not the monaco version.

    And please if someone notices something thats not correct, please tell me and i'll try to fix it.
  6. i tried to convert the helmets from this rfactor painter, he's got good resources to work on kimi's monaco 06 and 08 helmet, maybe you can do it just personally, the dds files are very good to form to the f1 2012 helmet template, just take a look


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  7. Much appreciated. Thank you very, very much for your Iceman helmet pack.
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  8. I'm not going to copy some other helmet painters work. It does not matter if he has done it for rFactor, definitely not going to copy it from him...

    Thanks to you and everyone else! :)
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  9. thats why i said you can do it personally
  10. Ok, I think you got it wrong, I have pictures of the helmet but im not going to do it now because its just too hard for me to do from scratch.
  11. oh ok no worries mate, what you have already done is more than i could have hoped for

    remember one thing

    keep calm and support kimi
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  12. Yup. 2006 season regular helmet 70% done :p
  13. nice, i thought you were gonna take a break after doing these and i remember u said doing the 06 regular helm was gonna be a tough challenge
  14. Yeah so I thought but actually it was the most enjoyable helmet to make out of these. Definitely not the easiest but it was still fun to do :)
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  15. Fantastic work. Thank you.