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Kimi Raikkonen helmet, Monaco 2012

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Tino Ahola, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody. Here is my take on the helmet Kimi wore at Monaco earlier this year.
    A huge thanks goes to ML2166 for the template.
    Its not 100% accurate but its the best I can do. It replaces the gen_02 in bespokehelmets but by simply changing the number you can replace any helmet in the game.
    The preview can be found here, http://www.mediafire.com/view/?jnzgdrr6l39vlql
    And the file itself
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  2. preview?
  3. Check the first link.
  4. kk ty, awesome work
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  5. Thanks guys :)
  6. thanks i have carrer helmet now :)
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  7. could anyone make ingame screens? :O
  8. I can take few this evening(my time) so the pics will be up in about 5 hours time, maybe less.
    EDIT: Sorry guys I don't know whats going on but every time I try to take print screen of the game it comes out as black. So If someone would kindly take a pic in the game it would be cool. Also a reminder of the helmet. Since Kimi has a fin on his helmet, I recommend to take it off from him, because the helmet itself isn't designed to have a fin on it.
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  9. Great work here! :)
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  10. Thank you MemorableC for the pictures ;) and thanks everyone for the compliments. :) Its my first real helmet designed and I'm just getting used to photoshop again. Used photoshop to mod NHL 2004 or something :D but now trying to get used to it again. Hopefully my next project is Mika Häkkinen helmet. Thank you everyone :)
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  11. Thank you for this. I've been looking forward to using this helmet since I saw it a few months ago. :D