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Killer Raceway

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by TheElk, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. Hi I'm new here and would love to show a game that we made back in july 2012.

    It was suppose to be a cross between F-zero and Rock and Roll Racing back in the early days of video games. It has been hard to get people to find it and try it out so i stumbled here and said well all I can do is give it a try a see what you all think.

    Here is a link on our website for the game http://www.mysteriousstudios.net/Killer_Raceway.html

    Here is our FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Killer-Raceway/612458492159684

    Here is the link to download the demo http://www.indiedb.com/games/killer-raceway

    or you can get the demo or the full version FREE here http://mysteriousstudios.iclubwebsites.com/

    Any feedback good or bad

    Thank you
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  2. Well we have made the game free because we really want people to try it out and give us some feedback so we can Improve on it.

    there is a link in main post above for the free full version.

    Thank you
  3. The foundation for something good is defintely there. I can see the FZero reference and i am getting the old school vibe.

    What i would suggest is:

    The trails that the crafts emit is really cool, but why not solid lines? Think of light trails from brake lights but in neon :) Also, make them glow for extra visual style.

    The tracks need some height difference.

    Increase the speed of the crafts, i want to see the real white knuckle FZero GX and Wipeout speeds, together with above mentioned rollercoaster tracks.

    The UI needs improvement, remove boxes and go for a cleaner look, semi transparent and smaller...

    My first impressions.
  4. Hi Richard

    Thank you for the comments, Did you try out the game there are 18 tracks to do and each one is interesting in it's own. The Full version is free and it would be great if you downloaded it and played all 18 tracks and give me some feed back about the inner workings of the game.

    You can get the game here http://mysteriousstudios.iclubwebsites.com/ on our Community website that we just started.

    Thank you