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Keyboard Problem in SimBin/ISI Games

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by John Bergqvist, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Hi, i have a problem with the keyboard, which has occured in at least all gmotor games, gtr series, race 07 series, rfactor etc. The keyboard layout is set to UK layout in the Operating System (Windows 7 64bit), yet ingame, some of the keys (such as the @ key, which i need to register for online setups etc.) either do not work, or give an incorrect key. its usually the "@[]#; area of the keyboard. the keyboard is the MS Digital Media Pro keyboard. It works fine in other programs of the OS, i.e. word, notepad etc. However not in the games ive tried. In previous installations of the OS (ive tried xp, xp-64 and win7 32 + 64), its worked fine. Any Ideas?
  2. Go to Gamedata, open multyplayer.ini and look for "keyboard layout override "
    I think default its set to "0" change it to "1" save and your done.
  3. dont worry the problem is solved now, i had a USB infrared reciveer plugged in, which Windows thinks is another keyboard, which is why they got confused. and i tried the method with it plugged in and it didnt solve anything.
  4. Ah, ok,
    I thought it was the problem a lot of ppl have with the wrong keys assinged in game :)
    But nice its solved:good: