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Keyboard in menus?

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by theravenousbeast, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Before this latest patch, at the start when prompted to either press start (wheel) or enter (keyboard) if I pressed ENTER I would be able to navigate through the menus with the keyboard, for ex. changing liveries/track condition etc. It was like this in earlier Codemasters games as well. Now, however, even if I do that I can only do these things with wheel commands.

    I guess this isn't a big issue for most, but it is with a fairly old, failing DFP that's lost function on a few buttons.
    Any solutions?
  2. I have a wheel (G27) attached, and have no problems using either the wheel/shifter buttons, or the keyboard, so it doesn't seem to be a general issue.
    You might want to try to reset all those devices (unplug and plug back in).
  3. Actually, I figured out I can use the keyboard, but the icons are still the wheel buttons, and I end up spamming the keyboard.