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Tracks Kerpen Manheim Karting Track 1.1

Legendary Kart Track (rFactor Conversion)

  1. gilles13 submitted a new resource:

    Kerpen Manheim Karting Track - Legendary Kart Track (rFactor Conversion)

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  2. Track isnt working at GSCE. Maybe you uploaded the wrong version. I can not see it in All Cars and Tracks and Kart
  3. Track isnt working at GSCE!
  4. For me works fine, what kind of error happens to you?
    The track is located inside the folder Rotax_Max and it has a filter that you'll see her only for karts.
  5. Make sure you install the folder Rotax Max in the Locations
  6. This track doesn't show up in the game. There is no Rotax Max folder in the zip file.
  7. I'll have a look at it hang on
  8. It works now
  9. This one is very good. Great flow and a bunch of great sections. Thanks a lot. :thumbsup:
    I think this one is a very eligible candidate for a @Patrick Giranthon graphical face lift. ;)
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  10. Thank you very much!
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