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Kerb and fastline placement

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Jekabs Elerts, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. I made a track in BTB Evo and I've done the inside terrain and walls. I was wondering if someone could do the kerbs and fastline for me. I'm not very good at racing theory, so I'm not sure where to place the kerbs. The same with fastline.
    So, if anyone would be willing to do this for me, please say so in this thread and I'll send you the project file.

    Edit: on a side note. I tried making a lush forest (must've been at least a couple hundred trees) on one side of the track and, while there were no frame rate issues in RACE 07, there was a slight performance hit in GTR2, when passing them. I was thinking of making these forests at several parts of the track. Would this make the track too GPU or CPU intensive?
  2. With forests, make a treewall and put just a few trees infront of it to give it depth.
  3. As i'm one of the few Evo users, i can help with the kerbs.. If the track isn't long, i can help with the fastline also. If it is long one, the best way to do AIW is the rFactor aiw/cam editor, which i'm currently just learning.. Kerbs are easy to put on, just drive really fast and observe where they are needed. There a re couple of reasons to put kerbs, one is for safety and the other is to stop cutting.. And of course the apex-kerb is a must in some tracks, helps to locate your position in the midst of corner.
  4. I'm not at my PC right now so I'll send the project to you, when I get to it. The track is 7,5 km or so, but it doesn't have that many corners. I would do the "drive fast and find the apex" method, but I'm pretty bad at driving fast. xD Anyway, thanks in advance.