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Ken Block - Awesome Or Just Crazy??

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Linus Broström, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. no one else can do that. he's got great talent. but i'm sure they made they the course knowing the turning radius and his style making it just a breeze
  2. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    BOTH!!! That was awesome!
  3. That's probably why he's doing so well in the WRC champ... Oh, no, wait.

  4. he just have very very stunning car, thats all :D:D
  5. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    That's called awesome video montaging skills :p

    Seriously he is not a racer driver, he is a showman. :) And he is epic at being a showman.
  6. Its just a Hollywood movie
  7. of course it is - just another commercial for DC stuff :) even though I wont buy anything I like it much
  8. "As Omer said" but I would recomend him to try and put the same amount of practice on his racing skills since you could clearly see the tire marks on the road which were created by all the practice he most have put.
  9. Crazy. Just crazy.

    I almost thought that when he went below the banking, he would hit the pillars that support the banking so the whole circuit will collapse :O

    Also drifting up the banking is impossible to me.
  10. i think with him he needs a big track to do well. could've won the x games but his car stalled in lcq (was there because of early start then car couldn't fire). see there he uses a lot of room and can't really use his rally skills in the wrc because it's just a narrow road
  11. :funnypost:
  12. He is a talented technical driver at stuff like that, but he needs more racing under his belt. It was an awesome video though....and I love that car, were can I get one of those I wonder. :)
  13. Well you can always try to call Ken Block and he might can get you one car if you are lucky. :D
  14. i just love the look on his face, he is clearly enjoying himself, like a kid with a new toy.

    as said above, great technical driver, not much good at racing, pity, cos he's got the talent.
  15. here Gymkhana 2. also got some cool stuff in it

    and also a some what funny version XD
  16. I think Block could do reasonably well next year with focusing on one championship in one car. Not good enough to battle for wins with the two Sebs, but I think he has the potential for a podium finish next year. I think people discount his rally experience, but he has won 10 rallies in the US championship since 2005, and another in the Canadian championship. His just retires way too much, both due to crashing out and due to mechanical failures.

    His 12th place in France is promising, considering it was only his 5th outing in a WRC car, on tarmac to boot (we do not have a single tarmac event in the US championship). He is able to put up top 10 stage times in the WRC when his car is working well, so I think with more focus on the series he could do fairly well.

    Looking back at this year, he was flying back and forth between Europe and the US, competing in two championships, in two very different cars, both new to him. He was running a rallycross Fiesta that was modified for stage rally in the US championship and the 08 Focus in the WRC. Next year will be a third new car, the 2011 WRC spec Fiesta. This is on top of two Top Gear appearances, xgames, filming gymkhana, and promoting the Monster, Ford, and DC brands worldwide. Really stretched too thin to excel in either championship.

    He has stated he will be moving to Europe to focus on WRC, and he will not be participating in the US championship. The 2011 WRC cars are closer to what is run in the US (compared to the current WRC cars), so I hope these two factors mean better performance in the WRC for him.

    Anyway, I gotta root for him even if he is more show than go. When is the next chance I will get to root for an american in the WRC again? :)