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Karun Chandhok gives his Top 5 driver list for 2012

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Hampus Andersson, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. 1. Fernando Alonso - Took the championship fight to the wire in a car that didn't deserve to
    2. Lewis Hamilton - Superb all season long and without pit stop dramas, puncture, running out of fuel, late season DNF's would've been a contender
    3. Kimi Raikkonnen - Very impressive come back. Showed great pace straight away with fantastic consistency ... plus some comedy!
    4. Sebastian Vettel - Seems strange putting the world champion at No.4 but it was clear that the Red Bull was once again the car to have in the second half of the season
    5. Nico Hulkenburg - Despite the podiums for Perez and wins for Maldonado and Rosberg, I thought Hulkenburg did a great job particularly in the second half to establish himself

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  2. Even if I don't agree with everything, for me is a very good analysis!:thumbsup:
  3. I like Karuns point of view and I agree.
  4. who was Karun Chandhoc again?
  5. the best broadcaster ever and a former F1 driver and generally an awesome personality.

    That guy.
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  6. ok
  7. Karun made some Comedy Race commentaries with Steve Slater for ESPN STAR SPORTS.but Agree with him here especially on P5
    I really think Mclaren made a mistake of signing Perez instead of Hulk. He has both Q and R pace and it can help them some what the Loss of Lewis Blistering Qualy pace.(Not saying any thing low about Checo Perez)
    I just want Perez to prove me wrong as there is a Saying "Don't judge the book from its cover".
  8. Despite what other may think, I believe Mclaren should have done all it takes to keep LH in there team. What a asset he is!

    I totally agree with Mr. HRT :thumbsup: