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EU Karts @ Interlagos 1 - Sat 28 Feb 2015

Discussion in 'Automobilista Racing Clubs & Leagues' started by Nox, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Nox

    Staff Premium


    Interlagos 1
    19:00 GMT
    Quali 1: 19:10 GMT - 5 minutes, super-pole (one out lap, one hot lap, one in lap).
    Warmup 1: 19:15 GMT - 3 minutes

    Race: 19:20 GMT - 10 minutes each.
    Note: I will set the server to 3 race sessions. I believe this makes reverse grid for race 2, then the top so many go to a third final round. It might work, it might not, we'll see what happens and have fun anyway. Then I can know for sure for future events.

    We can repeat the process in the Direct Drive Karts. I estimate the start time for the second round quali at 20:00 GMT.

    Server password: click here
    Racing rules: click here

    Let's fill up the grid! You can ask other drivers to practice or race with you by using the tag function of the forum. Just type an @ directly followed by the user name and this person will receive a notification.

    Our racing clubs are foremost meant to gain online experience so please help other drivers out when they have questions about the event, the car, the track, the setup or a combination. This is not a league race, it's for some fun, so please join us on TeamSpeak and build a little community spirit!

    Example of track limits for a track.

    Priority Access
    In case of a large amount of sign-ups premium members are given priority access to enter this event. Premium members please sign up at least 24 hours in advance to be given priority; I won't kick a non-premium member off the list if your sign up is very late. Don't forget Licensed memberships are being phased out.

    Sign Up List
    1. Andrew James [MAYBE]
    2. Jörn Horbelt
    3. Steve Mitchell
    4. Enzo Fazzi
    5. Ryan Seltzer*
    6. Dean Solomon
    7. Sam Hill
    8. Driver
    9. Driver
    10. Driver
    11. Driver
    12. Driver
    13. Driver
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    16. Driver
    17. Driver
    18. Driver
    19. Driver
    20. Driver
    21. Driver
    22. Driver
    23. Driver
    24. Driver
    25. Driver
    26. Driver
    27. Driver
    28. Driver
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2015
  2. sign me up. by the way, did i just see daily events or am i dreaming? :D
  3. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Indeed you did! Daily events from now on.
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  4. i love you
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  5. stevem


    sign me up
  6. Enzo Fazzi

    Enzo Fazzi
    Always sideways Premium

    Yes please!
  7. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    Please sign me up. On another note its great that there may be daily races! If we are able to get solid or full enough grids often, then having more races will be awesome!
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2015
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  8. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    Why the asterisk?
  9. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Easier for me to remember who is premium or not in case we get a full grid, rather than scrolling through the thread.
  10. SOLO59


    @Nox, sign me up please!
  11. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    Last edited: Feb 28, 2015
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  12. I would like to participate in this event.
    I am not a Premium Member.
    The reason why I can't see the Server password and Racing rules are not a Premium member ?
    What do I need to do in order to view the Server password and Racing rules ?
    What should I do to prepare for this event?
    And I'm Korean.
    Can I participate in this event ?

    My Racedepartment member nickname is "The Faster".
    My nickname of the Game Stock Car Extreme is "IBM".
  13. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Hello, yes you'll need to be premium to join this event. More info here.
  14. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Server is up
  15. Sam Hill

    Sam Hill

    Sign me up please. Im not sure if ill make the start but if you're running the direct drive karts after ill definitely be on by then. Karts will be good fun for my last race
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  16. Sign me up plz.
    My nickname of the GSC is "Jaeyeol Yoo".
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2015
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  17. SOLO59


    That was really fun! Only 7 guys for the rental karts and then only three of us in the direct drive karts. The rental races were challenging because if you end up in the grass, your race is over, because the karts stick to the grass like glue. But if you are determine to finish the race, then you might be able to get yourself out. I did, and it felt like "ages" trying to drive the kart off the grass.:roflmao: Some of us even tried bumping those that were stuck in the grass, so they can continue on with the race.:thumbsup: (thats something you'll never see on public servers):p But good racing in the rentals.

    Now on to the direct drive karts, this is where the fun REALLY took place. Only three of us, which is all we needed, and I think we were the top three fastest from the rental event, so we anticipated for the direct kart event to be very interesting. And interesting it was! @Ryan Seltzer, @Enzo Fazzi and I shared some epic battles, close racing action, and a few lead changes. This event was probably the most fun I have ever had here at RD, even though it was only 3 of us and it was a kart race (unlike a Fclassic, V8, GT3 race events etc...those of which provide outstanding racing experiences). Thanks Nox for this great event. :)
    I hope to gather some time to watch those replays and maybe put together some highlights
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  18. Nox

    Staff Premium

  19. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    Two ten minute races and then a nine minute race. Race two and three were both reverse grid. Oh and the rentals were quite interesting on the grass. It was all quite fun though. Thanks for organizing it. I believe everyone raced on the third race, but that was only 5? On the rentals and just the three if us on the direct drives.
  20. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Thanks for the info; we'll try 3 races again next time then, sounds like fun.