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Tracks Kartodromo Taquaral 1.0

Real Kart track located in Campinas, Brazil

  1. Adriano Augusto submitted a new resource:

    Kartodromo Taquaral - Real Kart track located in Campinas, Brazil

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  2. Hi Adriano, thanks....great track, all works fine...the other tracks by you it´s not working friend and i don´t know why...
  3. Hello, Tcb. do you installed other tracks that i converted and they not run? crash game to desktop? Any error message? Waiting for your reply to try understand the problem.
  4. Adriano, most of your track's dosen´t work, they need a "terrain.tdf" file in the locations folder to work again. You could add the terrain.tdf file on your downloads. ;)
  5. Thanks a lot for your tip, man!
    I will provide it now!
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