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KartKraft new previews revealed

Discussion in 'KartKraft' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    KartKraft 8.jpg
    Black Delta, the studio behind upcoming Kart racing simulation KartKraft, have revealed a whole host of new preview images from the current closed beta development build of the game.

    With many pictures showcasing the impressive wet conditions found in game, the latest images indicate development of this much anticipated title continues at a high pace. Featuring shots from Geelong Kart Club‬, ‪‎GoKart Club Of Victoria‬ and the ‎Paul Fletcher International (PFI) circuit in England all taken unedited and straight from the in game action, KartKraft already looks like it could become one of the most visually impressive racing titles available in the current marketplace.

    Development news relating to KartKraft has been a little thin on the ground recently, no doubt those not lucky enough to be included in the closed beta programme will be excited to hear how the game is developing. With the development beta currently at version, the studio over in Australia anticipate public Early Access release to be available in the coming weeks. No official release date has yet been confirmed while development continues, however at its current rate of progression fans can expect to see it available to purchase in a matter of weeks rather than months.

    KartKraft 2.jpg

    From the KartKraft info log:

    Which tracks will be available?
    KartKraft features well known kart racing tracks from around the world, all laser scanned and accurate down to the last mm. We have already announced Geelong, PFI London and Atlanta Motorsport Club and GKCV, and more are being added all the time. Stay tuned for more news as we head into the final weeks before release.

    Which kart chassis will be available?

    16 officially licensed kart chassis will be available from Arrow, CRG, Deadly, Formula K, Monaco, OK1, Praga and Sodi Kart.

    Will modding be supported?
    We'll be revealing more about modding in KartKraft closer to release. However we can confirm you will be able to develop mods through Steam Workshop. (Support will be added during Early Access).

    Will KartKraft support a multiplayer racing mode?
    Yes, the multiplayer mode will be released during the early access stage. Up to 30 players will be supported in a single race.

    Does KartKraft have endurance races?
    We are looking add it in the future based on community preferences.

    What kind of karts does KartKraft include? (80cc, 100cc 150 4stroke ,etc)
    4 kart classes: 45hp KZ2, 32hp X30, 22hp KA100, 13hp KA100 Restricted.

    How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
    Whilst KartKraft's full feature set and development roadmap will be determined by all of the KartKraft community, our initial focus will be on adding the following features:
    • Online Multiplayer
    • Bandit Mode
    • Additional Tracks, Karts, Engines
    • Steam Workshop Support
    • In-Game Kart/Helmet/Suit Painter
    • League Support
    • Replays
    • Tyre Wear/Heating
    • Triple Screen Support
    • Performance Optimisations

    Meanwhile I'll just leave these here for you to enjoy...

    KartKraft 3.jpg

    KartKraft 4.jpg

    KartKraft 5.jpg

    KartKraft 6.jpg

    Check out our KartKraft forum for news and discussions and have a read of our recent exclusive interview with the man behind the game, Zach Griffin.

    KartKraft 7.jpg KartKraft 9.jpg KartKraft 10.jpg KartKraft.jpg

    Looking forward to KartKraft? Will this be a release day purchase for you? Let us know below!
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  2. Paul McCluskey

    Paul McCluskey

    Them screens look great especially the wet weather, Doubting my pc will cope
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  3. kamackeris


    Looks almost real
  4. Will Mazeo

    Will Mazeo

    All the screen are in game? :confused::confused:
  5. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Looks amazing, Superkarts needed as well please ;)
  6. kamackeris


  7. Charles Amyouni

    Charles Amyouni

    This is making me a fan of the real life KARTs again.
  8. Alex72


    Looks amazing. Lighting and textures + effects seem top notch. If only the physics and driving also will be authentic, then i will be a customer. :)
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  9. xnorb


    It's no problem to make games look photo realistic already since quite some years.
    The problem is that you will want to render it in realtime and at a high framerate.

    Karting is already niche enough, let's hope Kartkraft will also run on low spec machines to help it with the playerbase.
  10. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend
    test Premium

    I need to put more time into this title when back in KL from London in a few days. What I tried seemed pretty good but still don't get the full feeling of karting without playing against real people.
    Hoping my PC will cope once it's released with all the bells and whistles.
  11. thatmotorfreak


    Might as well put my graphics card in a toaster, those are some demanding graphics by the looks of it.
  12. Brice.S.


    i'm in the closed beta, and for now, the beta is NOT in the 0.10433 like they says on facebook...For now we are running the 0.10302. so..they tease people, but are not on the good way...I really don't see how they could release it before the end of the year...looks impossible for me, too much work to do. Graphics are cool but not optimized so if you do not own a gtx680 or more you cannot be happy, and phisics......omg, physics are not right, really not...To be honest, that's not bad, but that's not the "sim" they are talking about, they still have a lot and a lot of work to correct that.... if ever they would (cause we all know that they don't need to be a "sim" for sales, they just have to say it is.... ;)
  13. budlix

    Wheel Rotator Premium

    Looking forward to this sim. Looks promising.
    Those raindrops.. Haha, looks like razor-blades on those stills.