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Tracks Karting DOIS LAGOS - Ayrton Senna's Farm 1.0

Kart Track

  1. Well done. Thanks. :thumbsup:
  2. Yeah. Well done mate.

    Could you do the Legendary Karting track in Genk, Belgium to?
  3. Thanks bros......
    About Genk.....who knows!?!?!?!;)
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  4. goffred

    Premium Member

    Cheers, I love the karts. You have done really well with this track. It produces good racing and is challenging. The track surface works well with the changing gradients and cambers. Thanks.
  5. ;)
    I have some ready kart tracks, but there are still some adjustments, i will publish very soon, wait for news!!!!
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  6. Genk? ;) hehe
  7. Not Yet!!!!........Have you good photos on the boxes area in Genk?
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  8. I am going to the circuit tomorrow.

    I'll make some pictures of the pit building and boxes.

    But what I can do to is stick my Gopro Camera to my kart and drive a relatively "slow" lap so you can see the surroundings and track objects and the layout itself.

    Good idea?
  9. Perfect!!!!!!......1% WIP...........LOL!!!![​IMG]
  10. Wait? What!!
    I'm 99% sure that this is Genk.
    If it is then i amazed!

    This already looks way better then the rfactor conversion?
  11. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness
    Premium Member

    Hi guys. I don't drive karts but last night I setup a guy with SCE who's son races karts in RL and were asking me if there were any Australian karting tracks done. ? D

    is there?
  12. Maybe for rFactor........ But 2 or 3 tracks i think!!!!
  13. Hi Daumer
    Hope you enjoy ;)
  14. I really like your voice @Jorge Cabrita ;)
  15. Thanks Jorge!!!!!
  16. How is Genk coming along?
  17. Take it easy Buddy!!!!!!