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Kart Racing

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Adam Vaughan, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Ok, Im going go karting for a friends birthday and basically, I need to win. Iv been before but any of you guys who do alot of karting got any tips for a guy who is "stupidly competitive" so "she" says.

    Thank you
  2. Adam there isnt much you can do if you are going to a place that offers rental gokarts. Usually each kart is individually speed limited, and the handling of each kart will depend on how badly they have been abused/bent over time :)

    Just drive ur ass off and if ur kart is significantly slower then ur buddies demand another kart. If they do not comply simply run the employee down and bury the remains
  3. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    lol Keith, i would also like to add if you weight more then him try to loose some wieght fast :giggle:
  4. as above. also throw it round adam, give it ****. but at apex(or before on most low grip low speed indoor karts) you want to be headn for corner exit with foot flat.
    ie slide in, smooth out. power on early.
    dive for the apex to make passes, but dont run wide after passing(most of the time the grip level is very very low off line indoors)
    have fun
  5. Yeah don't be afraid to put some power in on the corners - go-karts and cars handle differently.
  6. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Always tell others " Every go-kart's performance is different. "

    And " I have a headache, backache and handache "

    So if you lose after those sentences, remind them again

    " Oh as i said every go-kart's performance is different, ( Tell it to winner ) So your go-kart was really good. I drove it before i came here, you were lucky "

    And don't forget to mention your aches again after the race.

    Well, if you win, you can still use these sentences, " Even i had the bad go-kart and have some aches, i won! "

    And about driving, upper posts are really good tactics :wink2:
  7. protip: try to resist the temptation to nick the wheels
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    protip #2: "Never press escape on the grid Adam. You will regret it"
  9. Dont try to say 'sorry' or 'thank' on any of the nuts/bolts thinking they're hotkeys ;)

    Driving tips - keep your speed up as much as posible and smooth driving will be rewarded (especially if its raining). Throwing it about does work to some extent, but throw it about too much and you will end up losing time, and maybe even positions.

    Although depends on what type of event your doing. Endurance is more of a steady pace, get as many laps as you can, Le Mans style.

    Sprint racing is more flat out, overtake the driver in front at almost all costs (without pushing them out the way, cos you'll get black flagged ;) ).

    Hope that helps

  10. Basically its simple, just keep it tidy and DONT Let it slide to much. Make tiny movements on the wheel to try and balance the kart! Think about race craft also!

    Good luck Mate.
  11. Pray for rain. Fun and you will be assured of victory... Unless you're crap in the rain.

    The whole point of this is fun, why do you have a desire to win? :p
  12. /me sucks teeth

    doesn't sound like racing club material to me....

    /me swallows teeth... oh wai...
  13. Oh wai... indeed :D

    I'm kidding, do what you want Adam. But slicks in the rain is fun...
  14. Iv already had 2 poohs :lol:
  15. I dont no. Im going insane, now keith has told me that I need to get there first and ask the guys come on give me a goodun plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Drive as fast as you can.
    Then drive even faster.
  17. And faster again...
  18. Learn to go Slow before you learn to go fast!

    Sounds stupid i know but it seriously works!
  19. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Take every corner flat out until you realise you cant take some of them like that, worked for me :D

    Nah joking :) Try to get as close to the inside kerb as possible, you need to remember that the rear of the kart is wider than the front so dont go millimetres away from it or your rear will smack of the barrier.
  20. Well, I had 5 qualifying rounds and the track was really really tight. Could hardly pass and they warned you when there was contact. 1st race took it slowly and was held up all race by 2nd place. Next race started 2nd when my friend spun in front of me and i had no where to go finished 3rd. 3rd round started 1st and got away and nearly lapped every1. 4th race was 3rd till some idiot hit me on last lap while i was 2nd so i ended up last. Last round i started 4th and needed to win. I had no chance till i just started flying round the track, was 3rd in 1st lap then 2nd lap overtook 2 people on 1 corner. It got abit tight 1 of the nearly hit me into the standing carts but i soon got away and finished first was well happy. Got into semis and started last. Thought i had no chance, I was up to third by 1st lap then 3rd lap some idiot when i was side by side dragged me into the tyres and got black flagged. Then when i got past him he shunted me into the tyres and i couldnt get out so eneded up last, wel second last as he got DQ'ed. Would have been in final if he didnt shunt me off.

    Never mind had a great laugh anyway. Thanks for all your tips guys.