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Skins Kart Direct 125cc - F1 and MotoGP Legend Drivers 1.0

F1 and MotoGP Legend Drivers

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  1. Haha, who came up with this idea... :roflmao: Unique addition. :thumbsup:
    I have never seen or used a custom Kart skin before.
  2. hex


    :D very nice and fun addition. I just wish we had Bercy track to do some duels between Ayrton and Alain again :p

    By the way: are you planning to do some Bercy suits and liveries?
  3. Who Knows?!?!
  4. Some skins dont show up?

    I want that tonykart skin so bad but it doesnt work :(
  5. Same thing happened to me, Pls help