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WIP [Kart] Cecina: Pista del mare

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by nedo85, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,
    I need some help to create a new karting track, is near my city and it will be awsone if somebody with great skill in modding tracks will create them.
    The track is here:
    NAME: Pista del Mare
    LOCATION: Cecina (LI), Italy
    TYPE: Karting

    GOOGLE MAPS: http://maps.google.it/maps?hl=it&ie...83805,10.52538&spn=0.002761,0.006968&t=h&z=18

    There is also the official website with data and photos: http://www.pistadelmare.com/dati_tecnici_pista.html


    others video also avaible.. query "pista del mare cecina"

    Thanks for HELP..
  2. up!
  3. I was thinking that .... but for F1C. Unfortunately I don't know to use BTB!
  4. drw


    I'm interested in this possible track, but I can't help you. sorry
  5. Yes, and if you learn BTB (it's not that difficult, you can build a basic track in a few hours) the one with great skill in modding tracks will be you.

    If you want to see this track, try doing it yourself first. It's not very likely that people will do the work for you.