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Released KAROWA 2009 for RBR

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by t34, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. t34


    download link:

    Legendary stage for Polish rallying community.
    Located in old town of Warsaw, Karowa is the final stage od season ending supersprint called Barborka.
    It's not a real competition (not included in any rankings), but can gather more drivers than any other rally.
    During first few very short stages everybody tries to qualify for KAROWA.
    This stage is the only one in whole year with live TV coverage.
    There are many guests during 4 hours long show.

    Correct track scheme:

    Sample images:
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  2. Very nice, big work indeed! Congratulations :)
    Bump maps add depth and details to objects - they look very good.
    Pacenotes would make it easier to drive though - just simple directions, like "keep left/right" and "hairpins".
    Good track, thank you!
  3. Very impressive track! Great job...
    But some things from me: first, it eat to much fps. I saw in yours textures - too much textures with DTX3, for road and textures, who not need transparent you may better used DTX 1 (for road with 4 mip map level, for ground without mip map...)

    Next, from Sketchup you get to much small textures like "Blank_xxx_x_x. For fix it you can chose two way - resave models in Sketchup with right setup. Or, all of them, get from one in xpack, becouse all is very small and don't seen in RBR...
    And I see you have many the same textures after export, all of them you can replace with one in xpack...
    Maybe I'm wrong, but maps KAROWA_pod1, .. ,.. is not ned. Before export to rbr you must delete it from yours projeckt..
    Any way - respect from me and my videos from yours track:
  4. Nice job indeed! :)
  5. Yes, simple pancetones is realy need, any way we drive with coodriver ;) .
  6. You can export it to the rfactor?
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  7. Hello t34, if you are still a member of this community please contact me as soon as possible regarding your track Karowa 2009. (t34 proszę o kontakt w sprawie wykorzystania Twojej wspaniałej trasy RBR Karowa 2009 :) )
  8. would be nice if someone take it for converse in classic version
  9. It is hard without project :/ ...
  10. hmm, and man who make it is missing? If I good understand author contact it is:
    artur.hazuka @ gmail.com
  11. How You get it ? You are sure?

  12. I,am not sure for 100%, but when I make presentation in my video channel I get message: "
    hey, I have a question regarding episode Karowa. Would you be interested konwert this track for RBR? If you can reply to this email artur.hazuka @ gmail.com
    Yours Arthur"
    If I good understand he is author or close to...
  13. No, he even don't know autor of track ...
  14. I think, need try to find him on polish RBR fan site...
  15. He is active on Youtube, but not answer :/
  16. Strange guy, I try find him in cz-online forum (still inactive), but may he is from others plugin...
  17. The download link is not working anymore. Would be nice if someone could upload this track.
  18. ...
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2013