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Apps Ka0s Leaderboard 0.4.0

App to bring comprehensive in-game live timing

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  2. looks awesome, will give it a go tonight. One suggestion would be to have any new 'best sector' times for a given session come up in Purple, like in F1.
  3. Hmmm that's a good idea, let me see what I can do for the next release. Hope you like the app, cheers!
  4. there's allready been a couple of these apps,wich are all great. but why dont any of them work in multiplayer?
  5. The API provided by KS has a bug which returns a lot of data as 0 (e.g lap times, split times, etc) for cars other than your car in MP races. As this is Early Access, I guess we just need to wait it out =)
  6. I installed the app according to the instructions but it doesn't appear in the game. Please help because I'm looking forward using this app in my AI races.

    Fixed it. Forgot to enable it in settings menu.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2014
  7. Hi!
    The app doesn't show up on the right side for me. Other 3rd party plugins do work except for this one. What did I wrong?
  8. Hi,

    have you enabled Ka0s Leaderboard from the main settings menu (outside the race session)?
  9. I'm sorry, I missed that.
    Can I configure your plugin the way iRacing shows the relative timing F3 box? As you can see here on the bottom right corner:

    I only need the relative times.
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  10. OK, I found it. :)
  11. =) Love it when people figure out the answer to their own questions. This configuration should become easier in the future, I plan to add an in-game GUI to handle this, along with much better (and meaningful) default configurations.
  12. Would it be possible to make a mod that un-docks allot of these apps off of the main monitor and onto a secondary monitor like AutoCAD can. I would love to use my other monitor for leaderboards, chat ..without giving up my visual real estate for actual racing.
  13. I think your work is awesome.
  14. Please fix this awesome app for MP :( Or tell us how to make it work in MP. :(
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  15. Two


    I'm not sure, but I think AC v1.3 has broken your essential app. I've tried running it in 32 bit mode, and it still won't show up in the side bar thing in AC.

    Any chance you can have a look to see if you need to re-reference where your data is coming from or whatever...?

  16. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke
    Premium Member

    Is this going to be updated? This is what I have been looking for, but need it to work in MP and potentially on replays. This is just perfect, and I would happily donate :)
  17. Is this still working with update 1.4.3 ? I installed it and activated it in the options menu, but i have no icon/app in the game when i move the mouse to the right side of the monitor...
  18. Hi, it worked once. But for some reason now your app is not available on the app toolbar. I'm in singleplayer, app is enabled in AC preferences.
  19. hello...can you help me please?
    i installed the app according the instructions...but it doesnt apppear in the game.
    can you help me step by step? in which folder do i extract the contents???
    in the main settings i enabled on the button ka0sleaderboard...

    in the folder steam/steamapps/common/ac/apps/python i see the folder ka0sleaderboard
    in the folder content/gui/icons i can see the buttons ka0slaps and leaderboards

    but it doesnt work in the game...what do i wrong???