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WIP Jyväskylä Airport RallyPark

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by DeepJKL_FIN, Oct 29, 2010.

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  3. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium Member

    Looks awesome! Definitely going to keep watching this to see how this turns out :D
  4. With the help of Zaxxon the project goes on. Zaxxon created the basic scenery and roads. I am in the process of adding couple of roads and making the surfaces, campers, etc. So there is plenty of work. I have divided the tracks, so there is about 20 different road at the moment. This way i can test them separetly, with random objects. Here is a road test of 2,5km gravel road (Objects are there now just for testing the road, due to change in the final version):

    Same drive on the hood:

    Here is a vid about the scenery in BTB with out any random objects:

    Road system holds about 40km of roads with different surfaces. Gravel 60% / tarmac 40%... may change...

    First do all and free drive. In the future there will be 1,2,3,4,5,6+... Stages formed with pacenotes.

    So might take a month just to adjust all the road, ditches, campers and bumps before starting to place objects.

    Wounded REAL nice to work with the sceenery greated by Zaxxon from LiDar data. :cool:
    It is a sandbox about 3km*5km

    EDIT: eMeL & Zaxxon & Lidar = :)
  5. I am impressed with your work.
    You are the master of gravel roads.
  6. Thank You... but i think the main reason is that i live in Finland... :) And the true masters at the moment here are the guys behind Savo Stage Finnish Concept. Just can't wait to get my hands on their future releases. They gathered funds on http://virtualmotorsports.org to produce more stages. I donated to the stages and was lucky to get Lidar data for my projects, with their assistance.

    Test vid from mountain top... so many details wrong... :

  7. I have aproblem with the objects... since i can't make any.. i can't draw in real life and it seems that it has an effect to the virtual drawing and editing aas well.. would any one do finnish objects for me? I need a lot of different types, so they don't have to be high poly's... here is a link to a file that has example pictures of finnish things. The pictures are from google, so i do not own the rights for them. The package is just for example. Pictures tell more than my 10000 words.

  8. I can help you with some objects - don't know if I can make cars or helicopters, but fences, signs, buildings will not be hard, I guess.
    Do you really need them all? But they will not look exactly the same since the photos don't tell everything nor they are good quality. But they sould be enough, I guess.
    It will not be tomorrow ;) PM me and we can talk little more of it.
  9. Hello. I sended an PM to You... the pictures are just examples of Finland, about the shape and colours... so it is not to limit the imagination of object creation. :)

    And there is no hurry with these... i will take time with this one and think everything thru. I have a full size map of the area on my wall and i am marking things first on that one... and when it looks natural on the map i will try it on the BTB and RBR.

    Now i have fixed about 15% of the roads, junctions, ditches, campers etc. So not in a instant need of objects.

    And for clarification: I can't really draw... and don't have the right genes to learn... i have tryed to learn last 10 years and got maybe even worse on it... so this request for help does not come from lack of will or time. Desperate might be the best way to descripe it... :(
  10. I can see that you are making several tracks in same time
  11. The track count for RallyPark is 36. Longest is 1,7km and shortest 25m. Or did You mean the quickies on the other post? :)

    Edit: Ups... it's up to 42... :) Edit 26.01.11: .. up to 56...

  12. I mean other posts!
  13. :) Yes, some quickies to have something to drive... since this main project will take some time.
  14. looking good dude.. ill keep an eye on this one
  15. Road system 65% done: roads, campers, ditches, junctions, turns and jumps.

    Missing "Caution, caution!" spots.. and the testing of the road system fully... referring to the missing 35%.

    Easiest way to produce large "object-empty"-spots are lakes on this sandbox idea.

    The lakes also give purpose for the roads around them. All the drivable roads combined You get aprox. 40km +the fliped roads and combinations. There is logical banding roads between the bigger roads. All roads lead to somewhere, so if You start from the far away corner and head up to the hill You have at least 20 different ways to reach there. Hard to say, but about 25km is cravel, 14km tarmac and 1km is sand. This might change to the more cravel side... or option number two, is to make Gravel only/ Intermediate original/Tarmac only -versions in the end... don't know yet... The use of free park is based on the RBRWRONG+TYRE mod, which comes with RSBR 2010 and probably is downloadable from somewhere as a separate unit. Since i just use the .EXE to hide the wrong way sign.

    The Scenery on object wise is being planed on paper, since the hill provides longer distance views from side to side. This is needed to plan the LOD:s for all objects. From the hill You need to be able to see to the valley and from time to time You need a view from the valley to the hill top, when driving.

    Before object placing i need to decide the placement of fields.

    At this point of work it runs (1920x1080) +HDBloom 60fps and loads 18secs. This is looking very good from optimizing side. The use of Zaxxon method and eMeL are making this project even possible. There is still no basic Terrain tool used AT ALL... and keeping it that way. :redface: ...since is still have the same ATI HD5750 which i had with Valkeri... kröhöm..

    Here! Take a peak and tell me Your thoughts... The Airport strip is 700 meters... so the RallyPark is in the near future where a natural disaster has floded the area, making the original lakes little bigger, sinking the original Tikkakoski Airport and city of Jyväskylä, this is now called Jyväskylä Airport RallyPark, for small planes. :)

    edit: 31.01.11 Blog: Started to reduce the lenght of corner panels, adjusting road sides along the way with eMeL and selecting the right materials with correct stretching. Picking trees for different areas/roads, is little bit started. Decided to use Martinez's BTB Collision Solutions.

    edit: 3.02.11 Blog: Deleted all most every object considering trees and started to think... for once... decided to try "treewalling" the big areas on the middle and decided to go that way after little experimenting. Saving Thousands of unnecesary tree objects and can now push the LOD lower for individual trees. Back to roads again.. one future problem solved.

  16. Great! The track looks better and better :) I definately have to take care of your pictures and support some objects soon!
  17. That would be highly Nice! :) Look latest blog... found a working method to create forests... without spreading trees everywhere... all most lost my insanity for three days and every time i tried to sleep, the only thing screaming in my head was Martinez: OPTIMIZE!... ;) Adjusting the scale of these treewall SObjects will give me fast and efficient way to create "middle scenery" for different places. Tryed the Lasso-Spread-Trees-Every-Where method and it did not work out so well... took three days to remeber the basic tools... maybe a weeks vacation away from the computer will give me some sanity/clarity again. :)

    And +point on this will be the lowest possible LOD for road side trees, with out the sceenery from top suffering. :) And even lower for everything else... me happy again! This might actually work!... on the FPS side at least... ;)
  18. WIP blog 13.02.11: Sopering my head is over and Hirvonen's victory today in Rally Sweden gave me new motivation. Searching the "feeling" and experimenting with the sceenery.


  19. Oh yeaah! Keep working on this mate, looks truly promising, you have great talent. If you need like you've said people to make some objects, maybe I can try, but I need pictures. Cheers! :)
  20. Thanks! The most important objects missing are: Finnish policecar, Aircontrol tower, small airplanes and small boats.