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Just wrote this over at codies' forum, tell me your thoughts.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by John Robertson, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. I played in a match earlier at instanbul park, I thought I was doing pretty well setting a fast lap of 1:26.xxx, the other fast laps were similar to mine, 3rd place's fast lap was better than mine but I was more consistent than he was. 1st place however was a 1:22.xxx 3.5-4 seconds faster than ANYONE ELSE.

    I came in 2nd, the guy that won got spun out at the beginning and was able to catch up to me and pass me. Not only that, he caught me and passed me and finished 3 seconds ahead of me WITHIN ONE LAP.

    Just to disclaim, I did not spin the guy nor did I even try to, I noticed his pace was much better than mine and I didn't even try to defend when he flew by me. And it does indeed suck that he got spun in the beginning. But if you can recover from a spin and catch (and pass) an entire field within 3 laps, where's the fun in that.

    This could have been a combination of the spinal tap suspension and corner cutting, as there doesn't seem to be a real penalty for corner cutting either.

    I don't think it's fair to the people that don't know about these exploits yet. Or people that do know about them but choose to limit themselves to default settings and staying in the white lines in the interest of sportsmanship and the interest of the online community, who if not alleviated soon with some kind of patch will get fed up and stop playing.

    I didn't stop playing CoD because it wasn't a true to life shooter, I stopped playing it because of people taking advantage of things that were included in the game but NOT very sporting. getting tubed across the map or walking over random claymores when you're used to playing a fair game like CS (one of the most successful competitive games online) loses it's appeal after a while. Same situation here. Even people in CS used exploits though, but at least there were dedicated servers where people could only use AWPs if they wanted to.

    We need a way for the people that want to play fair to find each other and play together. Getting lumped in with exploiters rammers and cutters will ruin the entire community.

    Guys that are used to racing clean and fair (these are the guys that encourage a strong on line community as well) will get fed up at people taking advantage of all of these problems and they will stop playing. then who are you gonna race with your stupid set ups, chicane hopping, and first corner destruction derbies
  2. taq


    1.22.xxx? That's about 3 seconds faster than this year's qualifying times in the real world.
  3. As Ive said on other posts the game is flawed in so many ways and should not have been released but Codemasters are really only interested in raking in as much money as they can and they know that people will buy F1 2012 so if the game doesnt work properly its not really a problem for them.

    What else have you tired? IRacing has a very strict Safety Rating system which discourages bad driving but can be expensive, but if you hook up with the regular RD Rfactor Racing club guys you will get good clean racing and a variety of vehicles to choose from.

    I emailed Codemaster customer service to ask about a refund as the game is so poor. They instantly replied that refunds are not possible. So I asked them if they could explain some of the faults and if they would be fixed. Guess what, they didnt bother to reply.

    If anyone wants to buy my PC copy of this game for 20 quid, send me a PM.
  4. The best solution would be: CM give up the developement to another company ---> Turn 10

    Do you know Forza 4 (xbox360)?? If not, look at them! THIS IS graphically superb! CM, look a bit around and outside from your studios! And then learn how to develop graphics etc.

    I'm very disappointed with the newest release of F1 :mad:
  5. Richard Knight

    Richard Knight
    GP2 - No.1 Virgin

    Keep it up John, I too have complained to CM. We loved 2010 with all it's flaws but the 11/11 spring bug etc is too much. We will be delaying the start of the Xbox leagues until a fix/patch is released. Anyone fancy compiling a list of CM staff e-mail & twitter accounts which could be distributed around the community, surely the more we hassle them the quicker they will patch this disaster. Come on coddies, theres so much thats good about 2011 spoilt by a few fundemental errors.
  6. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Agree wholeheartedly.
    There are, in any game flaws. There are minor ones (gravel at Rivage, helmet design, other graphic issues).
    There are significant ones (car physics, AI pace or lack thereof).
    None of these prevent a competitive on line experience. This 11/11 bug does that.
    Its a bit like having an olympic race where steroids are freely available and legal. What do the non dopers do?
    The Xbox League was shaping up to be great fun and very competitive. But at the moment Mutiplayer is as good as broken.
    You can't really have a championship where you are relying on an honor system not to use a feature in the game (ask Flavio Briatore).
    We badly need it fixed. The rest of the game is awesome.
  7. My advice is that you have found it in RD. i have never done a race with anybody who is on the RD site and felt like it was unfair or i was just playing bumper cars. I know its rubbish because we should be allowed to go on and play a clean competitive race, but that is what is going to happen online, especially on the 3 lap sprint races. I have tried to mainly only go online with somebody from RD and if by chance i have ever found somebody who drives fairly online, have added them and raced with them (although that's pretty rare).

    agree with you all obviously, it does need fixing! maybe we should all chip in together and buy some billboard space by their office or something just with the wordsPatch Me Codies!!!

  8. James Chant

    James Chant

    I understand some of you are not happy, but I would like to point out that email addresses and twitter account info and links to other lists containing that i info will not be allowed to be shared on the forums here.
  9. I think everyone agrees that this game has some serious flaws. I still think it's a blast to race, but yes, when the bugs come crawling out it really diminishes the product.

    I believe we only saw one patch for 2010, and I imagine that is likely to be the case this year as well. For PS3 users.....they've already released a patch. No idea what it fixed, but as I mentioned before I know what it didn't fix. Hopefully, more patches follow for all systems.

    The 11/11 bug really is a deal breaker for online, which is a shame. If they fix anything, this should be on the top of the list.

    I really wish a top tier company would get the F1 license. We wouldn't see this type of stuff being released from Blizzard, ID, etc. I know those companies do not do racing games, but I'm sure they could. CM is more or less a mid-tier company, and this years release is a cause for concern. It's readily evident it was either rushed to release and/or didn't bother with a QA check.

    I'm really glad to see an F1 game come out, and warts and all, this is a decent game - but had they spent more time in QA and squashed all the bugs it would have been amazing. CM seems to be a release now, patch later (maybe) company.

    CM needs to fix as much as they can, even if it takes 3 or 4 patches to do it.
  10. They've already announced they are working on patch 2.

  11. I know you guys are fair but a lot of you seem to be UK/EU, I'm east coast usa and a lot of time I'm waking up and going to work when you guys are starting to play. I've got a few friends on line and I play with them whenever possible, it's just horrible knowing you can't just go pick up a game and expect to have anywhere near as much fun.

    I know no matter what that playing with people you know>playing with randoms. But hopefully a set up restriction will come out in a patch until they get that fixed so I can at least have a fair chance.
  12. What concerns me is the "trying to reproduce these in a test environment" comment. Particularly the word "trying". It shouldn't be too hard to reproduce a lot of the bugs found - all they have to do is play the game. Understand that fixing such might be a different story.

    For what it's worth, I still think it's a good game. I, for one, am still having a blast with it, but the online factor has been diminished somewhat. I've still had some very enjoyable races with others despite some of the online buffoonery that occurs in pick up races. :)
  13. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Agree with you there Greg, I thought the exact same thing... any serious attempt to play this game would reveal the flaws that have been shown to exist. Something that should have been done before release!!

    It seems more and more setup issues are coming to the fore (now we have the possible ride height one to add to the mix although I haven't had a chance to look at this myself yet...) and to be honest its starting to make me think that perhaps spending time working on setups is not worthwhile at the moment.

    Maybe the fact that all the engineer setups only change the aero and nothing else is an indication that things were known to be an issue right from the off.