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Just purchased GSC 2012 and...

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by jason_peters, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. After a long time, I thought I would give this a go with good reviews from the mini release (I have been playing rF2 mainly since the beta release)

    I just though I would write a post here for others in the same position - buy GSC - its a real gem!!
    yes its based of rF1 engine but due to how the tracks have been built and textured it looks as good as rF2 IMO
    So if you are not sure whether to buy or not - do so --- you will get more than your money's worth before some of the new releases are due out later this year

    Wish I had purchased this months ago!!

    Also a bit of searching and you can find all your old favourite tracks for GSC 2012 in addition the the fantastic ones that come with the game
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  2. People need to understand that many don't just consider this a good sim, they consider it the best sim....
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  3. With the next release of Cascavel needed for simulate the 2012 champ of Stock and Mini, with a good physic easy at low speed and hard when pushing the limit, a good FFB, the variety of tracks, I wound't know what to ask more
  4. mmm, one thing is, Mini's AI crash in the hairpin of RIbeirao 2010, and generally sometimes AI crash in my back, I have AI aggression 25, AI strength 80/90 (lower values for hardest cars like F. reiza and F.classic) , I'll try lowering the AI aggression