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Just got a TX. Pedals/Rim suggestions?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Greg Latty, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. So I found a mint condition 458 italia Tx wheel on Craigslist for 200 buck. I thought that was a pretty good deal so I jumped on it. My current wheel is a g27. My first impressions are WOW.. the ffb is so much nicer than the g27. But the pedals!!! Lord these are terrible. Now i was planning on selling the g27 and using that money do get a new rim and t3pa pedals. Now im considering getting the 20$ adapter and keeping the G27 pedals. What do you guys think. It works out cheaper if I keep the pedals and just replace the italia rim ( which is to plastic for my taste). My question is Is it worth it to spend extra on pedals or are the g27 pedals as good as the standard t3pa pedals. Also what do you guys think of the gte rim upgrade. If not what other rim upgrades are worth it? Thanks in advance
  2. SOLO59


    If you have the budget, go for the t3pa pro's. The t3pa's non pro version is very affordable and reasonably price. If you want inverted pedals and a solid metal pedal set go for t3pa pro. If you don't mind the plastic case and non inverted pedals go for t3pa pedal set. Both pedals can be upgraded with a load cell and both come with the conical brake mod. For now, i think the conical brake mod provides reliable progressive braking.

    Or you can stay with your g27 pedals using leo bodnar cable and gteye mod. I used my tx with g27 pedals with the above modifications and it worked out pretty well. I upgraded to the t3pa pro and they have better resolution when connected to the Thrustmaster wheel base.

    Everyone loves the 599xxx Evo thrustmaster wheel rim. I'm using the TM 28 Leather wheel rim. Feels good.
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  3. thanks for the advice. Im really liking that tm 28 leather wheel. I might have to look into that one for sure. As for pedals, I guess ill see what I can get for the g27 as a whole and see if its worth it. If im going to change the pedals then I might as well get the pro. They look pretty sweet
  4. Thrustmaster EU now sell a €10 G27 pedals adapter themselves via their website. Same functionality as the Ricmotech or Bodin ones.

    I own various pedals: G25, Fanatec Clubsport v1, T3PA and T500 (T3PA-Pro equivalent). I am not a huge load cell fan (mostly because I like racing in socks, and find stamping on the brake uncomfortable), so my Clubsports are in a box despite the excellent pedal feel, good throw and good configurability. Of the others, I prefer the longer throw and ergonomics of the Thrustmaster pedals to the G25 ones. The other benefit of T3PA or T3PA-Pros is that the rubber conical brake mod (which I don't use) is optional and can give a load cell type feel if you like, which means you can go any way you want.

    The T3PA and T3PA-Pro pedals are visually very different and use different materials, but in actual use I find the differences small. They have identical brake and accelerator pedal stiffness. The T3PA has a firmer clutch than the Pro (because the Pro is invertable and needs clutch/accelerator to feel identical). The T3PA-Pro has better pedal face mount holes for more customization, plus the fully metal components feel more robust. But in the end when you're using them mounted properly to a flat surface your feet don't feel much of a difference.

    At the end of the day I prefer the T3PA-Pros over the other pedals, but I actually run my T500+pedals on my console rig and am using standard T3PAs with my T300 on my main
    PC rig. So that shows how little the difference is.
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  5. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    I have just switched from the G27 (pedals Mod- GTEYE spring, Hall affect sensors, silicon plug and Leo Bodnar cable adapter) to the T300 bundeled with the 599xx Rim and the T3PA pedals. The pedals with the conical rubber mod is pretty close to where I had the G27 pedals. the most noticeable difference is with the accelerator the T2PA is a little softer than I had on the G27 but I had switched the original G27 accelerator spring out for the original break one I had removed for the GTEYE spring.

    I think you can mount the T3PA upside down if you have a over head mounting bracket/board (I have a angled floor board/ bracket) In the software you can switch the Clutch with the Accelerator. Of course you will have to switch the pedal plates (no need to dismantle your pedals and switch arms) I have not tried this but it looks possible, OK the board/bracket is a DIY job and certainly not as easy as the Pro version but once you have your bracket/boards in place all it would take is a couple of screws or wing nuts to switch from floor to overhead.

    As for the rim the 599xx is really nice but if your budget is not up to it I would go for the TM 28 Leather wheel. It was on my radar until I got the T300 bundel
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  6. Really nice purchase!

    I wasn't a fan of the original rim and pedals like you, so over Christmas i upgraded to the T3PA Pro pedals! They're so much better than the original ones!

    I bought a F1 Ferrari Add-on wheel from someone on this forum, has loads more buttons and it feels really nice, i use it for all my racing now.

    Just my 2c
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  7. Hmm thanks for all if the suggestions. If you could choose one one upgrade, would you change the pedals to the pros or keep the g27 pedals and get a good wheel rim?
  8. Mmmmmm, i really don't know!

    I've never used the G27 pedals, but i think once you're concentrating on racing the feel of the feedback is more important to me so possibly pedals...the pedals have made me quicker than changing the rim has!
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  9. i think everyone will agree that the stock TX pedals are the weak spot, so you will have to decide whether to reuse the g27 pedals or sell the g27.

    The TX rim is very plastic but also very light. Lots of guys prefer the more sturdy and higher quality alternative rims, but there are guys who like the extreme lightness of the stock rim for the ease with which you feel forces through it. So depending on which category you are, your options are pretty clear.
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  10. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    Well If you keep the G27 pedals and they have not been modified you will need to spend a little on getting the GTEYE spring/s (for progressive brake feel) then the Leo Bodnar cable (to increase the signal resolution) you will also need this anyway's if you are to use the pedals direct to the PC if using with any other wheel base. and both those mods could cost you up to €50 or more depending where you are and what spring kit you get. I got the brake only (They did not have the others at the time, I just put the old brake in the throttle and the clutch was replaced by the old throttle)
    These mods are a no brain'er for the best bang for your buck but that is €50 you could spend on the next level pedal set and if you sell your complete G27 you have even more to add to the pedal kitty. Now from my experience form my modded G27 to the T3PA (included conical rubber mod) pedal wise there is not really an upgrade just a side step, and from what I gather in the forums the T3PA Pro is very much the same feel only an upgrade material wise ans simple inversion.
    Anyway I hope I have not confused you too much.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2016
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  11. I've had a little think.

    If i were you, id do what i did. I bought the pedals brand new and then a wheel second hand.

    A wheel won't really lose much from being brand new to used, but pedals could have wear and tear issues i guess?

    Checked your USA eBay and you could probably pick up a wheel cheaper second hand on there, i saw an F1 Rim (same as mine) for $80 but it's bidding...
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  12. TeSL9

    Pessimistic (rarely flying) Finn :) Premium

    The leather rim gets a vote from here :)
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  13. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    Geese! the E bay pricing for the full G27 set is crazy! Not much less then $200. to the insane price of $831
    Lets say you get $200
    you could just need to $50 to get
    $149.99 TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-On
    $99.99 T3PA 3-Pedal Wide Pedal Set Add-On
    I would not bother with the $149.99 T3PA-PRO 3-Pedal Add-On Set and one day do a real upgrade to CS V3 or other on that level
    If you keep the G27 Pedals you would need to spend at least $20 for cable to make them usable
    You might get $150 for the sale of the wheel alone!
    Then you just need the $149.99 TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-On
    outlay around $30 , question is can you sell the G27 wheel alone?

    My Advice sell the G27 set first (better chance of getting a good price) than take it from there.
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  14. Thanks for all of the replys. Some good suggestions. I have a lot of different ways I can go about it. I see Amazon has used tm 28 wheels in very good condition for 108 bucks. So whether I get the T3pa pedals or the pros depends on how much I can sell my G27 for. Ive come to the conclusion that it is more cost effective to sell the g27 pedals. Mine is not modded in any way so with the money spent Id be better off getting the t3pa pedals at least. If I get a good price of the G27 kit, I might even sell my TX and just get a new t300 with the 599 wheel for 469.00.. That looks like a pretty good price considering it has everything I need. ( minus h shifter)
  15. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    Sounds like a plan! Ah the shifter that is nice to have for the immersion, I enjoy using it (TH8A) and a must to get your kicks on older cars . Also, you are making use of that clutch on that pedal set. But H shifting is slower than padels, however if you race online they might insist you use the H shifter, I have no idea how they police it in the diffrent Sim's
  16. The shifter has a H shifter and sequential both built in to it with a changeable plate, i've found racing in the 458 GT2 i'm quicker using sequential shifter over paddles!
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  17. Just an update.. I ended up picking up a Clubsport V2 pedal set and a th8rs(needs to be repaired, not registering in windows) from a buddy for 200 bucks. So all i need now is a decent rim and I think my sim setup is complete for now. Couldn't be happier.
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  18. kamackeris


    Was just looking at some Clubsport v2 pedal... So they are compatible with t300rs yes? Would they be worth it over t3pa pedals anyone? Just seen some on eBay
  19. They work fine for me. Its standalone so it goes right into the PC. You just have to edit your control settings for each game to use the new pedals
  20. kamackeris


    Cool... If I can get at a reasonable price would you recommend over t3pa pedals?