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Just got a new wheel--couple set up questions

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by jonination, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Just got my TX wheel today (F1 add on coming Tuesday) and I already feel faster and more comfortable with this over a ps4/xbox remote. Just a couple issues though...

    I have to turn the wheel wayyyyy too much to make corners. At least it feels that way. Is this something I have to adjust in advanced settings or is there a way to adjust the wheel lock to be more realistic, or is it actually supposed to go a turn and a quarter around Melbourne turns 3 and 15 and 90 around 11 and 12?

    Second, what button is supposed to function as the "Go to Track" button in the paddock? What normally functions as "A/X" select-option button on every other menu becomes the start/pause button in the paddock and I'm unable to go out on track unless I push enter on the keyboard, at which point I have to select a flying lap every single time.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. The f1 wheel is nice But it is great if you can mod it like I did a few months ago

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  3. Where do you get the stickers/labels for the dials and buttons, please?
  4. @jonination
    You play on PS4? Then you should give advanced wheel options a try: play with saturation.
  5. PC, but we get those too and I'll take a crack at it. And sadly the f1 add on is out of stock everywhere. Sucks. :(
  6. How do you managed to do that?
  7. For me it helped to set the rotation to 360° in Windows. I didn't fiddle with the settings ingame but a dead zone with 1%.
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  8. On PC I find that 360 degrees in the Thrustmaster control panel and saturation set at 25 in game feels perfect. In theory I think that gives me 270 degrees and feels right on tight bends (i.e not too much turning of the wheel necessary) Using a T300RS.
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  9. I'll check out both of the above. Just discovered the control panel this morning and have been tinkering with it. I might be overthinking things and using too much saturation or linearity or who knows. That's why I ask you guys for help. haha

    Second order of business after that is figuring out how to set up the conical mod on the T3PA pedals so I'm not locking the wheels on every corner. It's like learning to drive all over again...
  10. Basically I followed the instructions here
    Probably took around 30 hours to do. Totally worth it though! All controls work, the top two dials switch the display options so you can have 12 different things configured to display on both the left and right side. I think I have about 38 different button mappings available.
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  12. Thanks Eric, much appreciated, I almost feel like a real f1 driver with it, lol.
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