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Just getting started

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Chuck Curtis, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Hi all I am looking forward to getting underway here ar RD.

    I have RBR and RSRBR all set up as far as I can tell but I am haveing a small problem. I like to drive with manaul shifters and have it setup that way but always when I drive the RSRBR mods it uses the automatic geaars. How can I get it to stay in manaul. Also some tracks show errors when loading but load anyway, Pikes Peek for one, Is this normal or did I do something wrong.

  2. There is a manual gearbox settings in RSCenter settings.

    Random errors when loading BTB tracks are normal.
  3. Just in case you have difficulty finding it, in RSCenter, go to Options, Settings, and at the top of the second column, there is a choice of Manual or Automatic Transmission.
    The default setting is Auto.
    Check the Manual box and Save.
  4. I got it thanks.

    Rally racing is more diffacult than I remember. 11:33 to the top of pikes peek with 1 off.