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Just bought iRacing

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Nick Brooke, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Just bought the game if any of you have any suggestions as to how a noob should start off please let me know

    With luck before the year ends i will be racing with you
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium


    Maybe time for a Friendly Development Series soon?
  3. Ouch that was fast, i dont even know if my pack contains the cars or track yet lol, or if i am able to race with those cars. Its downloading as we speak
  4. car and track above is in base package and races are fun/club races, welcome to iR :wink:
  5. This would be a good way to start. iRacing is a good community, but rookie events are rookie events everywhere. Racing with the guys here would give you a place to start where you can count on their careful racing and good sportsmanship. You'll have both this car and track, and several others. You can also buy any car and track you like and race with them on Hosted races like the league and club races here at RD.

    As for iRacing itself, jump in a car (MX-5 if you like Road courses, Street Stock, maybe, if you are more interested in oval) and run the tracks you have. Then, I highly recommend the feature called spectate. This will allow you to join a practice session and watch others practice. You can learn a lot that way and the special feature is that you are asked to pick a car before spectating. You do that so if you feel like joining, you can jump in the car and drive with everyone else. BUT, you won't be visible to them, and you can't cause any wrecks! It's a great, safe way to learn to drive in close quarters.

    Then, just jump into a series and start working your way up the ladder. I got to Class C so I could race Star Mazda, and I do so much racing with leagues and club events here and at another Online league that I haven't even raced a single regular iRacing event in a couple of months!
  6. Howdy Nick!

    I think it will depend really on what you want to as to the cheaper route. Such as Road or Oval.

    I personally did this:

    Road, I started in MX5, Skippy, Star Mazda, Vette, F1. I didn't really have the best setup so the Skippy at that time was used only to proceed to the Star. So I drove the MX5 to the D 4.0 rating and got 4 clean races in the skippy to advance to the C license. I did almost the same thing with the Star Mazda/Vette mix... I coudn't drive that dang Vette to save my life. So I got my license to the B 4.0 lvl and did 4 Time Trials in the Vette to get my A.

    On the Oval side I went Legends, Latemodel ( I didnt care for the streetstock ), Trucks, nationwide, to get my A in oval... I can't drive the A oval car except on the super speedways. I don't know what it is but I can't drive a car that has to be drive in a 45 degree drift to make it around every turn. lol

    The other thing I did was I picked a series that I really wanted to run and bought everything that I needed for that. It's cheaper that way too as you get 20% off for 5 or more things.
  7. Thanks for your replies guys, i am ertain i will be asking a few questions here or there. Its very confusing to start i must say but im sure ill find my way around with your help.

    As for what i like well road is my thing i dont think oval racing will be my thing so i tried the mazda and i thought it was nice to drive. Dont understand how in hell ou do these time trials its saying for me to do but ill find out .

    well its late so ill call it a night but look forward to seeing you soon on track
  8. well you don't have to do time trials if you don't wish too. You either have to do four races in that license car or four time trials in that license lvl car in order to get fast track promoted.

    have a good night see ya on track soon.
  9. Welcome to iracing Nick, I hope you enjoy it. The base content that you get will be more then enough to keep you entertained for awhile. With iracing it can be somewhat of an information overload in the beginning. My suggestion is to start here http://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/instruction/qs_01.jsp . Once you figure out what you are looking at on the iracing homepage jump into some practice sessions and start putting in laps.
  10. I think you're right!
  11. I found the "Driving School" at iRacing very good as well. Worth doing. I'm definitely up for a RD iRacing Friendly Development series!!
  12. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    My tips:

    Don't care about where you finish the first weeks and just focus on not getting any incident points. It's the fastest way to get your licenses and it will eventually have positive results for your iRating as well.

    It's safe to drive at RD, because it's free practise without any risk of incident points.
  13. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Welcome! hope you enjoy your iRacing experience, lots of great fokes here to play with.
  14. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    As said, just signup here Nick: http://www.racedepartment.com/iraci...aceway-tuesday-june-28-2011-a.html#post860239

    I might be there too tonight and I am also a n00b after 3 years. Then we can start both at the back and have some fun on track.
    It gets you good experience and as Yoeri (and others) said, the incident points don't count for real on hosted races.

    To enter a hosted race, go to Event->Join and look for the RaceDepartment session. It will popup exactly on the given time (automatically). On the right side (when the event is visible) hover the mouse and enter the racing club password in the box... tadaaa.

    So I count on you tonight, be there ! :)
  15. What can i say........ im impressed by this game. although setting the car up is gonna be a fight for a while like rFactor i think its a stonker of a game. I played another race after on the main server. came in 6th but was running in 3rd until someone slammed me off the track, he came from that far back he was neandathal.

    Its fun i like it now i just need to sort out how i get up the licences fast
  16. There usually is some sets available on the official forums, check the official cars/series forums(ie, http://members.iracing.com/jforum/forums/show/678.page for the Mustang) and go to the week's combo thread.

    There are many silly people in rookie races, nothing you can do about that. The racing is much better once you get up to class D and higher.

    To get licenses quickly... Getting your Safety rating to 4.0 will move you to the next class("fast track").