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Just a silly question ..... ?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by tswest, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. I have noticed that when you go through the circuit listing in RFACTOR some of the tracks will display an intro screen before you actually GO TO THE CIRCUIT and some tracks dont.

    Once you click to GO TO CIRCUIT then there is a loading screen with some more info on the track busy loading with a loading bar.

    I can get the LOADING SCREEN for a new track that I am trying to build to display but I cannot figure out how to go about to get the Track info to display on the Rfactor track selection screen.

    Hope my question is clear enough?

  2. The info is a part of the image. It's not any kind of overlay.
  3. If you mean the length of track, location etc, you need to edit the beginning of the .gdb track file with the information. Here's an example from my track Goodwood1960:

    Filter Properties = RoadCourse 2005 SRGrandPrix OWChallenge
    Attrition = 30
    TrackName = Goodwood1960
    EventName = Goodwood1960 // shows up in rFactor as the subfolder.
    GrandPrixName = Goodwood1960 //this must be the same as event name in order to sort circuit info correctly.
    VenueName = Goodwood1960 // shows up in rFactor as the main folder.
    Location = Sussex, England
    Length = 3.862 km / 2.400 Miles
    TrackType = Permanent Road Course
    Track Record = Nelson Piquet 1m 03.6s
    TerrainDataFile = Goodwood1960.tdf
  4. Im thinking, maybe he means the TGA files?
  5. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

  6. Hi Guys,

    thanks for all the replies but I dont think I explained myself correctly.

    When I am in RF and I go to the circuit selection option, I see the following on the RF screen,

    1. At the top section of the screen some track will display the track layout
    2. The bottom half of the RF screen has two boxed windows, left window displays the list of tracks I can choose from (this list depends obviously how many tracks and sub configurations of tracks I have loaded under GAME/LOCATION)
    3. The right hand window display the track that is highlighted on the left window's track info, which I figured out is the info that I can edit in that track's GDB file, ie track name, country, length, track record, etc.

    Now it is that TOP HALF of the RF window where the highlighted track's image is displayed that I cannot figure out.

    I know that ONCE you SELECT a track and GO TO CIRCUIT, then during the LOADING, the track loading screen you can display with the process bar, can be created with a layout of the track and other info in the image such as track name, length, country, etc that overlay a action picture or whatever back ground image you want to display.

    I notice for example that when I highlight the Silverstone 2010 circuit, there are sub track layout options, such as Silverstone GP, Silverstone Club, Silverstone Arena and each time I highlight on fo these layout options, the TOP HALF of the RF screen will show the GP layout, or the Club layout or the new GP ARENA layout and it is this image that I can not figure out how to put the layout of my new circuit there.

    Once I select my new track, then the loading screen displays the layout and the track info that I added to the Track_loading.jpg screen but in PRE-SELECTION RF screen I only get a blank top half of the screen with BOBS TRACK BUILDER and nothing else ???

    Sorry for the confusing long-dragging post to try and explain myself ............. :(

    Thanks anyway for the responses and interest thus far, much appreciated !!!
  7. Those are the 2 TGA files I mentioned before & they'll be named "(your tracks name)mini.tga" &
    "(your tracks name)Thmb.tga"
    Image default sizes for them are 171x204 (102Kb) & 612x294 (703Kb) respectively.
    Make up a pair of images in something like PhotoShop or similar to these sizes (171x204 & 612x294, Kb size doesn't matter) & save as TGA files with the same name as the originals & then just drop them in & they should over-write the originals, next time you select the track in game they will show up.
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  8. Thanks Lee !!!

    I was wondering what those TGA files were in the Track directory.

    I shall give it a try.