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JOY3 P3U + G27

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Andrej Svajger, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    it's been nearly half a year since asking for the first time, but no proper answer. Since i really want to use my wheel as intended (no kidding :() and start driving, so here i go again.

    Problem with my G27 (in both GSC 12 and 13 and rF, other sims like rF2, pCars, AC, nKp are OK, so it cannot be Logitech or hardware error) is that when i go to options and controls, select preset Logitech G27, brake pedals acts as if depressed fully (that is, it shows full red middle column). And when i try to map actions to buttons, all i get is "JOY3 P3U keypress", i cannot even map the action to a keyboard button. It doesn't help if i start GSC without Logitech profiler, it acts the same.

    I know that i can enter keys and buttons into controller.ini file using an editor, but i don't even know notation (N, M) of all buttons and keys. Can anyone provide this list?

    Oh, when i load GSC, my revs lights on the wheel try to impersonate christmas tree and all light up.

    Reiza guys, anyone ???
  2. VJoy virtual joystick (for FaceTrackNoIR support) was the culprit, after uninstalling it, things are ok now.
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