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Apparel Jordan Driver / Racecrew suit and garage 1.1

F1 2013 , Jordan F1 , Torro Rosso , Suit , Garage

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  1. The problem is the main skin from codemasters....
    Look in game at the Crew in the garage( not the pit stop crew), they have a better quality
  2. First of all ML provided us the pitcrew, racecrew, driver suit models so I don't see a problem why wouldn't you be able to make a decent quality pitcrew. I have made many , and also made 1 for this game and the result was great. It seems that the problem goes from you. You didn't resize the original texture to 4096 or 8192 I guess. That's why it looks pixeled so much because the texture size is very low.
  3. Well, the frontend logo for the team isn't cleanly cut, too.
  4. Sorry for that, I look again on it.
    I´m a Rookie....
    I hope you forgive me :)
  5. QuangMinh#93

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Don't worry Max, i'm a rookie too :D
  6. I want to ask. tires in fashion as on screen?
  7. Yeah what about the tires? You could've made them like they are today cause it replaces a modern car..Not the classic one ;)
  8. for modern and desirable. Thank you.
  9. I still have the same Toro Rosso livery on the car. Help
  10. airutonpurosuto8912