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Jordan 1994 solo car by Schifty

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Steven Poirier, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Aid


    Wuhu *Bounce* nice Work!
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  2. great stuff u are shareing... which car does it replace?
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  3. Aid


    Replace Toro Rosso
  4. For your info

    Benetton ---- Renault
    Ferrari ---- Ferrari
    Jordan ---- Toro Rosso
    Ligier ---- Red Bull
    Larrousse ---- Mercedes
    McLaren ---- McLaren
    Minardi ----- Virgin
    Lotus ----- Lotus
    Williams ---- Williams
    Sauber ---- Sauber
    Simtek ----- HRT
    Tyrrell ---- Force India
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  5. It will be great if you made a skin of Benetton that replaced Force India, because I think they are looks similar ;)
  6. I wont because Benetton is hard to make and its almost done for now. Also Tyrrel is also almost done on Force India shape :p
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  7. dude u are so TANK
  8. dude how do i follow u?
  9. Hey guys i came across this forum yesterday night and couldn't stay away from that moment and i gotta say i realy adore the work of Schifty031 and his partners (Doc303 i haven't forgot about you're share in the work so you earn credits too) but i was wondering schifty you have this awesome list with teams replacing other teams can you give me the links to those downloads and also could you guys look at sme other downloads from you cause many links are dead or have the files removed and saw a lot of work from you guys i wanted to install to the game thanks in advance Kind Regards newest member (hopefully a community member one day) Jasper Gerrits

    p.s. keep the good work going guys