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Joe's Garage/Paints

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Ok so I couldn't sleep last night and thought I might start a skin for the truck. I have tried a few different things and just can't get it to look the way I want. So I ask for your opinions and lets see where we can take it.

    Fire away and all are welcome!!!

  2. [taps foot] :)
  3. lol, sorry they had changed the IP of my server and didn't shut the old one down... It's fixed now :)
  4. maybe to put rear half of the truck into different base color, also base blue maybe little bit lighter, few sponsor on rear-sides?
    like it so far!
  5. yeah the rear sides is what I'm having a problem with, I can't seem to find anything that looks right there.
  6. Ok how about this?

  7. Here is what I've come up with. Let me have it... lol...



  8. I have one word for that track Dario... ICE.... hahaha
  9. I like what you did with the side... have you tried it with gold/yellow traded out for the silver/white?
  10. Not yet, but that is an idea! I don't know what it is but I am still not very happy with it.
  11. Maybe take (most of) the sponsors you have in front of your front wheels, and place them in a single stack at the very back of each side.
  12. Ok here it is as you suggested... I don't think you can get rid of the sponsors, doesn't anyone know about this? I might try it with removing the yellow/blue circle from the bull on the hood and see how that looks.

  13. Ahh... didn't realize the contingency sponsors were done by iRacing. Do like it better - maybe reverse the top and bottom flames (yellow inside, gold outside) since the RB is more yellow. Could fill the blue patch at the top rear with a "Red Bull" or some other minor sponsor (RD?)
  14. Giving photoshop a stretch

    Ok so I took my new paint out for a little run and got a little sideways, cough, cough... For the camera of course!!!! I thought I would open the ol photoshop back up. Perhaps maybe you guys can expect a pictorial of tomorrows Racedepartment Mustang get together...

  15. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Joe, excellent photo. I've tried screenshots and video editing, but fail miserably. That one above is crisp with detail which I cant seem to get.
  16. It's not really a big deal once you get use to it. It becomes a big deal when you really get to editing a shot as some do on the iRacing forums. What I did above I would not consider a big deal at all really, I think once I had the shot in photoshop I might have spent about 45 seconds on it. However I have tools and software that I use for photography that take a huge chuck of time out of the process for some of the simple stuff.
  17. Coming to a youtube near you!!!

  18. :bang:
  19. Not bad, but make it different! everyone goes for the Red Bull theme!