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JFF - Peter Brock Memorial - JFF

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Scott Stephens, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    2nd Annual Peter Brock Memorial Race

    ORSM's V8Factor Unleashed​

    Race Length: 161 Laps with a Co-Driver
    Driver Swaps: Will only be done during a pit stop, while taking fuel and tyres.
    Grid:20 Teams, to be increased as per demand

    for more information head on over to JFF Peter Brock Memorial INFO
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  2. Hey Everyone im looking for a Co-Driver for this years Race so if you can please PM asap

  3. I can drive with you if you want mate. Got a car skin lined up as well if you want.
  4. Shouldn't a "Peter Brock Memorial" be held using cars of his period which he/his competitors used?
    There ARE several out there...
    Just saying is all, I'd definitely join in if it was classic period mod to suit! ;):thumbsup:

  5. Hey Lee,

    Thanks for you thoughts and interest.

    But it is a race in memory of the Great Man.

    At JFF, we have had this race run in many formats in the past, some have been shorter races, some have used different mods. But as time goes on you have to look at what is available and make a decision. We chose the V8FU mod, as we feel its the best that represents the current V8SuperCars formula and the last that PB drove in of a full time competitive nature.

    Last year was our 1st full length, 161 laps, driver swaps PBM, and it was great. 18 teams, 36 drivers, 6 hours of racing and came down to .4xx of a second gap from 1st place to 2nd, to have a winner crossing the line, going all out on the last lap was just amazing. Only 2 teams failed to finish. 1 due to net drop out and the other, was blown engine.

    So at the moment we have 20 teams signed up for this 2012 event and gaining more and more interest. This will be an annual event run by JFF for now and the future, we have interest from the V8SC teams that are potentially looking at helping in the future (contact was made to late this year) and see this as a great thing.

    So i think you should jump in and have a crack, see what its like. It is an absolute accomplishment just finishing the event, let alone coming on the podium.

  6. Any chance of this race getting broadcasted on the internet? :)
  7. Hi Chris,

    it is something that we are looking into. But my understanding is that to broadcast and have commentary, ppl controlling the cameras, who to follow on the track etc, requires ppl to do it and we dont have the man power at the moment as those ppl running the event (me inc) are racing in the event.

    If anyone else knows different, pls contact me, im sure we are happy to explore the option.
  8. Have you tried contacting MultiBC or Simrace.TV? Just a couple of suggestions I'd thought I send your way in case you haven't tried them already. :)
  9. I have looked into them, but still need someone to control the cameras and commentary from what i can see.
  10. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I have clicked the link in the original post but cant see any info there re this race.
    When is it?
  11. Last night mate