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Jerez Update 2015 1.1

Texture pack for Jerez 2015

  1. Jonix submitted a new resource:

    Jerez Update 2015 - Texture pack for Jerez 2015

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  2. rkh


    first of all, you cannot just overwrite TRACKS, you did it incorrectly. Your folder is JUST TRACKS and then PICTURES, etc. Needs to be TRACKS/JEREZ/ then the picture folders if you want to directly overwrite. Now, you have to grab the Picture folders from TRACKS and then put it in TRACKS/MUGELLO/JEREZ or whatever track it is.
  3. rkh


    Works now for me as well. Again, nice work, just like Mugello, but I feel it is waaaay too dark compared to real life Jerez.

    2015-jerez-motogp-gallery-jorge-lorenzo-yamaha.jpg jerez 2015.jpg
  4. Yes Sorry ,I just did copy/paste and forgot the Location folder
    The problem with the tarmac is that it's affected by other maps, I'll try to work it out
  5. I fixed tarmac texture and the location error in both Mugello and Jerez mod. Mugello is already up, Jerez will be in about 3 minutes
  6. in which dds format did you save the pixtures ?? I don´t know why, but everytime i wanna edit the circuit it always crashes while loading this edited track :/ Any ideas ??
  7. I have a plugin for photoshop, I just leave setting to default and save
  8. i mean interpolated aplha or what, i also have plugin but i don´t know why it always crashes while loading :/ any idea ??
  9. Settings: [​IMG]

    Make sure when you repack you don't screw the filespath (omnit root folder).
    Filespath have to be TRACKS/*NameOfTrack*/Etc. Not *nameoftrack/ecc. or *randomfolder
    Also repack as SBK X
  10. Like this ??
    I have it like that all the time so i really don´t know why it always crashes
  11. No, you see: InternalFilepath it has to be TRACKS/Jerez/files
    Not Jerez/files. That's why it crashes. You have to select the TRACKS folder when you click on Browse
  12. Okay but there is folder Tracks and then Jerez.Mix
    Not Tracks.mix
  13. No, not that.
    If you unpack Jerez.MIX on your desktop you will have a folder TRACKS, inside a folder JEREZ, and inside this one all the files and textures.
    When you need to repack it, you have to choose the folder TRACKS, not JEREZ, (TRACKS contains Jerez), so you will have an internal filepath like TRACKS/JEREZ/files
  14. Finally i get it .. thanks ..
  15. rkh


    works for '15 version just like helmets I assume? Or due to slightly different layouts it will not work? Thanks!
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2015
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  16. Okay.. somebody have to edit the tracks ;) (y)
  17. There is a problem with the textures, yes you can use them but there are some glitches.
    The dirt effect has been changed, as the grass
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