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Featured Jenson Button to Retire from Formula One at Season's End

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Paul Jeffrey, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Jenson Button Retires.jpg
    Jenson Button has today confirmed his intention to retire from Grand Prix racing at the conclusion of the Abu Dhabi event this weekend, signaling the end of a 17 year career that has earned the British driver 15 Grand Prix victories, 50 podium positions and a Drivers World Championship in in his 304 starts in the top flight.

    One of the most experienced drivers in Formula One history with 304 Grand Prix starts under his belt, Button announced earlier this year his intention to step away from active driving duties in 2017 as he takes a sabbatical from Formula One, with McLaren opting to sign young up and coming driver Stoffel Vandoorne for the 2017 season. With a new two year contract already penned with the team, it has always been understood that 2017 will be a sabbatical season for the British driver, as Button assesses his options with a view to returning to the driver’s seat for the 2018 racing season. However continual underperformance from the McLaren Honda package and a series of abysmal races of late seem to have further dampened JB's passion for racing in Formula One beyond the final race in Abu Dhabi this weekend, with Button telling the assembled media on Thursday afternoon this will be his last Grand Prix:

    "I go into this weekend thinking it's going to be my last race. I think that's the best way.

    "At this moment in time, I don't want to be racing in F1 beyond this year."

    "It is true that I have a contract in 2018 but, at this moment in time, I am not going to be racing in 2018,"
    Button added.​

    "The whole point of this [contract for 2018] was if, in three months' time, I had eaten myself stupid and I changed my mind.

    "But I don't want to go into this race thinking it's not my last race - and it is."

    "It's been a long journey since eight years old until now, you get to Formula 1 with many dreams and hopefully you leave the sport with memories - some amazing memories, some life-changing, some good, some bad. To walk away with the world championship is very special, too.

    I will definitely step away from F1 happy with what I've achieved and definitely my life starts now."

    Jenson Button will continue to see out the new two year contract with McLaren as reserve driver and promotional brand ambassador alongside his duties in the team's high tech development simulator.

    The Formula One sub forum here at RaceDepartment is the place to keep abreast of the latest news and happenings in the world of Grand Prix racing. Head over to the sub forum and join in the conversation today.

    Do you agree with Button's decision to retire from Formula One? What do you think Button will his driving career next? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Timmy UK

    Timmy UK

    Great driver, lovely man, good solid career in F1.
    To be honest, he is best out of it..
    Let's all hope he can find something fun to race..
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  3. Christian Moreau

    Christian Moreau
    Don't ask me to say aboot... Staff Premium

    My favorite F1 driver since he arrived in the series. He's not the flashiest driver, but he does his best every race to be consistent and bring the car home. A very hardworking career for him and a championship to go with it. Class act.

    We'll miss you Jenson! :inlove:
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  4. Ole Andreasen

    Ole Andreasen
    Hey... wait up! Premium

    One great driver... Ill miss his name in the startup line next year... But life moves on and I am sure Jensen will sit in another racing machine somewhere. I sure do hope so.
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  5. Allan Ramsbottom

    Allan Ramsbottom
    Super Senior HistorX Club Driver.. Premium

    No real shock there really,has,nt had the best to be honest recently,great shame though..but with his Dear Old Dad sadly passing,and his failed marriage behind him,cant blame him..He,s been at the top,become very wealthy...so enjoy your retirement..Jenson..you have earned it..:);):thumbsup:
  6. Rodent


    It's the right move to retire. Having said that thanks for all the fun Jenson, you will be missed.
  7. We will miss you Felipe.
    Oh wrong thread.
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  8. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    This is old news, his move to a non driving roll with McLaren in 2017-18 has been a talking point for some weeks now on Fox sports inside F1. He has had an awesome career, one which I'm sure he will look back upon with a sense of achievement that few can claim. I wish him all the best in the future, F1 grid will not be the same without him.
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  9. He's had a great career, but it was time to hand over to Stoffel. Hope he has a successful time in other forms of motorsport
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

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  11. fortyfivekev


    A great career, you can't do better than F1 world champion after all. He's one of those drivers thats always needed the car to be spot on suiting his style to get the most out of it but that covers a lot of guys. He also seems like a genuinely nice guy which you can't say about many F1 drivers.

    The odd contract extension is more about McLaren being scared that after Alonso leaves they wont have anyone on staff that sponsors care about. I don't expect we will see him racing in F1 again.
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  12. His Championship win was all thanks to Ross, the car was unbeatable, Rubens just wasn't good enough anymore to beat yet another first driver in a team. I personally believe Button and Alonso are the reason why McLaren has been going down hill for a while.
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  13. Screenshot 2016-11-24 16.11.35.png

    I think you mean the car was unbeatable for the first half of the season :D

    Anyway, the "only won because of the best car" argument is pretty mute when you need the best or one of the best cars to win the world championship. Every world champion has had the best or one of the best cars.

    Nothing to do with their **** engine which has accumulated way to many grid penalties then :D
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  14. You talk a load of rubbish sometimes. No sorry, I will correct myself, you talk a load of rubbish all the time.
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  15. Who had a better car in 2004/2005?
  16. Sorry I didn't come here to get your opinion about me, so you should really watch what you're saying Mr Rubbish.
  17. No need to apologise, you are welcome.:thumbsup::rolleyes:
  18. 2004
    Screenshot 2016-11-24 17.41.20.png

    Yeah, Sauber definitely had the best car in 2004 :D Michael won the world title on pure skill, despite the Ferrari being a dog

    Screenshot 2016-11-24 18.04.39.png

    The Renault was an awful car in 2005, god knows how Nando won the championship
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  19. Are you joking? It was the best for the first eight races because other teams had not upgraded as much. But because Brawn didn't have the money they couldn't upgrade as much.
  20. fortyfivekev


    @Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham No idea from your post if you were replying to me but I was talking about the fact that he needs a car with a bt of understeer to be on the pace. He doesn't have the flexibility some drivers have to make the best of any car. Nothing to do with his championship year at all.
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