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Jenson Button, McLaren and Cruden go Virtual vs Reality

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. RaceDepartment

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    Yesterday Jenson Button and the McLaren F1 2008 paid a little visit to the town of Roggel, The Netherlands. Trying to set a fast lap and some showing off for the sponsor of the event Vodaphone Jenson hammered the car around the track where in normal life the speeds hardly go up 50 km/h but for this occasion he went above 250 km/h on the narrow purpose built circuit.

    At the same time Cruden BV, in the sim racing world known for their amazing Hexatech motion simulators and the creators of the free sim racing game "Racer", which forum is hosted right here on RaceDepartment, were also present to let the population of Roggel (and far beyond) enjoy the virtual track and the powerful McLaren.

    Find below the impressive demo of Jenson Button and a movie showing Cruden's Formula 1 simulator, as used by the real F1 teams, in full effect!

    A short video of the pre-event testing of the simulator!

    Want to learn more about this beast of a simulator click here to visit the Cruden website.

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  2. Damn, now they really could do that at my home town too :p
  3. i would do anything to own that sim and have it @ my garage :p. except i would take that steerign wheel out and have a fancier one.
  4. btw first video is unwatchable due to some EMI content crap. gotta love copyrights. and to think the internet should be free :S
  5. Diego, you are not missing too much, the virtual video looks better than the real one :D

    They need to use xtree_v/f on those trees though ;)