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Mods Jari Matti Latvala Polo WRC 2015 1

Jari Matti Latvala Polo WRC 2015

  1. Last edited: Dec 10, 2015
  2. daguru,
    You make me have to respond and clarify what i meant, this is your own words
    ("I" had to do a livery for Mr. Latvala)
    I just think it´s wrong to make it sound as if you are the creator of the livery, when you only made a few small changes to the default livery.
    But maybe it's just a question of a poorly selected formulation, what do i know, over and out.
  3. OMG you are just nitpicking now I really don't get why you had to even make a comment in the first place, if you feel I worded something wrong or didn't do enough work then don't download and move on, you are just making yourself look like a troll negative words for no good reason.
    This will be my last response to you as your not worth a moment more of my time.
  4. Ok, you do not get it, but i understand, not everybody have that ability.