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PC Japanese Car Pack now available on Steam

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Dennis, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    Project CARS continues its program of continual updates and delivery of fresh new content with the release of the fan-requested Japanese Car Pack featuring two amazing Mitsubishi machines, 2014 Toyota Le Mans hybrid, the 2012 Toyota GT86/Toyota 86, and the latest Rocket Bunny Editions of both the Toyota GT-86 and Scion FR-S.

    • 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI TME
    • 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX FQ-360
    • 2012 Toyota GT86 / Toyota 86
    • 2015 Scion FR-S Rocket Bunny Edition
    • 2015 Toyota GT-86 Rocket Bunny GT Edition
    • 2014 Toyota TS040 Hybrid
    If you want to try out the new TS040 in a multiplayer race, head on over to our racing club and join the multi-class night race at Imola this evening :thumbsup:
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  2. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    Really looking forward to trying the Rocket Bunny GT86
  3. Ryan Soucy

    Ryan Soucy

    More BR-Z's!! Who cares?! I love the TS040, but this is kind of blah. I can't check now, but is this free or paid?

    How about a pack that had the TS010, the GT-One and the TS040? Then we got a stew going on!
  4. .. as has become the norm with SMS, they've yet again improved the tire physics of the sim. This time they fixed the camber + weird heating issues that had plagued the game. Guess what? The cars drive better than ever before.

    You guys who had trouble drifting the ordinary road cars will have a lot of fun with this. Take an ordinary BMW 1 Series M on track now and you'll be easily drifting around anything at rather impressive angles. Just pick the All Weather tires and off you go.. for even easier drifting, try lowering the tire pressures a lot. Makes the slip more progressive (tire becomes more sluggish/spongy).

    Anyhow.. what a fantastic update. Highly recommended for everybody who hasn't tried pCars in a while.
  5. It's strange how the old road cars like the BMW now drive a whole lot better but the new Toyota and Scion have so strange tires. There's way more grip on their "Nitto" tires than the "Masculin" tires of the other cars. I wonder if they made the Rain tire the "ordinary" one (it's happened before when the Masculin Rain tire was then renamed to All Weather). Haven't driven the rain one in the dry yet but I suspect that may be the case. The Nitto tires have very high grip levels.. could do almost 1.8G with the Nitto Hard tire while chucking the car into a mid-speed corner. That's serious race car amounts of G forces.

    Sigh.. oh well it's two steps forward (in terms of the Camber + heating bug fixes) but one step back when it comes to the DLC. I still think it's worth it though but some more polish and care would have been appreciated. For instance the Toyota GT86 has it's cockpit exposure levels messed up and the Scion has it's cockpit camera offset to the right in a weird way. Annoying that these kinds of things get unnoticed.
  6. I think again it is a fine DLC pack and love the Toyota LMP and the Bunny version cars. I have not tried the straight up road cars. Were 2 Mitsubishi Lancers added? Or have I just overlooked them for a long time? Anyway @ $3.99 quite a deal and priced at a mass sales point this is what the console crowd does for the PC crowd with their sheer numbers they make our add-on content very affordable.
  7. The camber bug is not fixed - i asked specifically, but its comming soon TM
  8. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

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  9. The Scion Rocket Bunny if your a Drifter.
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  10. It is supposed to come in patch 6 but the hard fact is that something was downloaded with the Japan DLC update and it has completely and utterly changed at least the Masculin and Faretti tires (I have not tried other tires yet). Camber temperatures are now much more spread out and I was able to hit 150 degrees celsius on abused tire, something that was impossible to do just one day ago.

    Why do I know this for a fact? Because I was doing almost 4 hours of drifting in pCars before the DLC release. I then slept a few hours, downloaded the DLC and continued my drifting practice.. which gave me a direct A/B comparison to before the DLC download. Tires changed completely. Tire temperature spread is completely different and heating mechanics different too.

    So whatever happened, something changed dramatically over night. Besides.. when it comes to updates and what changed, I don't trust the developers one bit. There have been numerous times when they insisted during pre-alpha that "nothing changed" and a bunch of us noticed dramatic changes in the handling.. only to be confirmed a few days (or weeks) later that things did indeed change. So yeah.. there's that.

    In short: Trust me. Things changed with the Japan DLC release. Take any of the old road cars on track and have some fun.
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  11. Thanks for the hint - i will try it out :D
  12. Rocket Bunny Turbo 500 hp 4.3 secs 0 - 100 km/h...almost as fun as F1 Lotus 98T, thx PC again amazing cars, basic GT 86 was very good also...forget Nissan GT-R...4wd is for rally...
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  13. If you want to drive the GT86 as it was stock, then change the tires to "rain tire". That one is the basic stock tire that comes with the car. With that tire it drives virtually identically to the real car. Just make sure you don't turn Stability Control off (ESC) because as far as I can remember, you can't turn that off in the real car either (one of the unrealistic things in pCars.. several of the street cars where you can't remove ESC in real life, you can remove it in pCars. One of the MAIN REASONS cars without aids in pCars drive different to the same cars in for instance Assetto Corsa, where ESC is correctly turned on all the time on those specific cars).
  14. I have just purchased the Japanese pack. Love the GT86. Great looking car and a blast to drive around Brands and Oulton Park. Loving it. Fantastic fun. This game is fun and simcade no doubt about that, but it's great just to have a blast with. And very pretty too.

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  15. Well the fact you can turn all the aides off make it more Hardcore!;)
  16. Troll keeps baiting.. haha. Good effort.
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  17. St3fan


    I did some laps with the free GT86 at the nords and like it (I feel this car more stiff compared to the AC version, and the AC version gives me a little bit more smile on the face. But still I like the PCars version as well), but I really don't want to purchase this DLC. For a pack called "Japanese Car Pack", I really prefer not having so many Evo's and GT86's. A Nissan/Honda/Mazda license will make the name more complete imo. Even if they just have Mitsubishi and Toyota license, I would like to see more variety like Eclipse, Supra, AE86, Celica, etc.
  18. Well that's one thing that sets S3S apart as they focus on series and car classes. A title like pCARS with relation to their licensing practices modding could fill in the pieces to further complete the series and classes.