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WIP Jakaya wip (RF1)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by banger, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. RFACTOR 1: wip

    house1.jpg jakaya.jpg jaraka.jpg

    start of has a little moto cross race track,with a image I found somewhere.so I started to build it.fought it was a little bit tiny for cars has it was originally built for motorcycles.so I now enlarged it to 6.565m took out most of the jumps/and washboards. and started from there to build it up.

    started adding some xpacks objects.and buildings but I will be deleting them off has some of the objects are showing signs of not having the right parmeters,single textures.and total lack of alpha channels with them.
    built two objects so far. 1) race control. and the second is a safer wall.

    House *srill in sketchup

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  3. Added 3ds maxs onmi lights to the SCN file now. and some more buildings.Trees lines.changed scn file to included night lights(not in video above)addinf more fences to the cambered track lol. I couldn't actually get winviewer32 to display any tracks.default or my own, so I got fed up with trying it.

    please do not try to copy Omni lights to your track they are set this track,and may make your track look darker.if in the wrong place.
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  4. redefined the track road textures to a more higher resolution(2048x2048) & completely revamped them.
    remove some of the rumbles strips.has the were flipping the cars on contacted. don't know if it a Porsche mod thing.

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  5. Wip : 0.89 : still needs a few bits replace spectators alpha channel, a couple of trees need there alpha re changed to chome , a couple of objects need to be realign with the ground. :D oh and a loading screen.... (so don't worry if it doesn't show -- it isn't there to show load progress )

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