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Formula RaceRoom 3 @ Nurburgring GP (Club Event) (LIVE)

Cars Jaguar XJ13 0.95

60's prototype which was aimed to take down GT40s

  1. mantasisg


    mantasisg submitted a new resource:

    Jaguar XJ13 - 60's prototype which was aimed to take down GT40s

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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Nice! Well done mate, looking at the pictures it looks awesome!

    Will download asap and give it a go!

    Thank you :)
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  4. Look great! Thank you.

    Which car(s) in AC is this the same speed as? Which other cars can it race against?
  5. mantasisg


    Besides GT40 I don't know really. I remember having nice race online GT40 vs XJ12c by dauntless, but dauntless removed XJ12c from here.
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  6. Oh tks, d/ling now!
  7. Been following this project for a long time now (back in the AC forums), and though its not 'my type' of car, I could see it was going to be a high quality mod so was deserving of a download regardless.

    After spending a bit of time with it yesterday, here are my thoughts:

    First thing - lovely model. Since starting modelling myself I often spend time looking closely at all the details of Kunos cars and mods in the showroom, so naturally I did the same for this. I absolutely love the lightly scratched surface you've got on the bodywork, looks nice and subtly, very realistic.
    Fantastic work on the engine bay, a lot of work must have gone into that!


    Few things that I think could be improved - first is the colour. Now I may be wrong, but it just seems very very dark. Compare the two images below:


    Also, spotted a spelling mistake - 'Fusses' I'm assuming should be 'Fuses'


    And last thing on the model, there are a few areas which seem to not quite have the polish of - the door handles and the element in the front grill, they look a bit sharp and unfinished compared to how lovely and rounded the rest look.

    On to the driving - again, brilliant job overall. Love the engine, feels more brutal in both power and sound than the GT40. It handles great too, love the oversteery nature, though I've been getting some strange FFB spikes like I've never had with any other car; Strangely I was getting a spike when coming off the brakes. If I was to guess what the problem was, I'd say the front scrub radius is too large, and the wheel is 'grabbing' the road under braking giving strange FFB.

    Anyway, overall its a really fantastic mod; Its clear to see just how much passion and effort has gone into this, so well done to everyone involved! Only a few small niggles on an otherwise brilliant mod, should be proud :D
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  8. aphidgod

    'bout to cut some sh-- up with my crab hand. Premium

    Glad you're enjoying it!

    On the scrub radius, yes, it's pretty significant. It's also exactly correct according to the data I have. It's a consequence of fitting wider wheels and tires than were part of the original design. Jaguar considered it non-ideal too, but ultimately the grip benefits of a wider package won out.
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  9. mantasisg


    Thank you so much @garyjpaterson, I'm following your projects too :)

    Yes I gave rather much time for engine details, it should improve with AO a lot, and maybe some more textures/materials, we will see :)

    Shaders is hard business, at least for me. There are different weather and sun positions, also it seems like in ksEditor I get a bit different looking shaders, so it gets a bit difficult. It is not imposible that something is not really right with body texture RGB, mapping and AO is not bad though. I'll look into it. That real pic you posted is a car in fog, if you choose fog in weather it would look more like it. But yes that in game photo definitely looks too dark, and rims are too dark too. Hard to get it right. Car paint looks right to me in picture from showroom, nice pic :)

    LOL at fusses :D yes mistake.. :/

    I don't remember those spikes under braking, maybe got used to them. Have to try it. Aphidgod can explain I'm sure, I know from our chats that car has a big scrub radius. :)
  10. Can't argue with that :D

    Yeah I upped the exposure significantly for that pic :p
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  11. mantasisg


    @garyjpaterson what weather setting where on that pic with Jag in game ? I can't get it look that dark. I should try to play with sun possition more, maybe.

    EDIT: I still can't get it look that bad lol

    And in showroom with default exposure is not that much different.

    By the way this car should be rather dark under low light, and only be bright under strong light. Tricky. Not saying that it is looking right now. TBH in editor it always looks really bright from close, and gets dark when I move further away, like exposure changes a lot... I don't understand that.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2016
  12. aphidgod

    'bout to cut some sh-- up with my crab hand. Premium

    Are you running low reflection settings? I usually do screenshots in mid-clear weather (Natural mod) but here's one on a more typical "bright summer day" in its native habitat. :D


    Still not as dark as your shot, to my eyes... especially in the rims. Granted all of my graphics settings are jacked up over 9000, but to me this looks OK. Here it is in the sun with the same settings:


    I probably wouldn't complain if it brightened a shade or two, though. I think the original BRG was much darker than the shade they put back on it after the rebuild... I vaguely remember reading that in the text.
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  13. All my weather settings are default, no mods or anything. Been using the new weather setting from 1.7 (Mid clear I think?) and time of day around midday is, so the sun quite high.

    Most of my graphics settings are pretty much at the highest, maybe a step down.
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  14. mantasisg


    I ve seen few photos around which does look a little around, must be something with graphical setting, maybe graphics mod or IDK. I'm not saying that I have nothing to change there :) I'm already thinking about brightening AO, or tweaking txMaps. I also found some incredible help from Sovers in my inbox. Haven't got time to check it, but I have no doubt that it will lead to good improvements, thanks @soverlands

    Here is what I see, in which I believe is simmilar time weather settings. I use no graphics mods, and my graphics setting are medium, or lower:


    Paint is a bit brighter, less dark towards bottom. And most noticeably brighter rims. I wan't to find out why it looks so different in your screen, maybe I should try higher graphical settings... But I gues it should make it look better not worse, have to try.

    @garyjpaterson I have tried it with higher graphic settings, mid clear, mid day, have tried all different filters, and can't get result like yours. I don't wan't to ruin it, by fixing it, which is easy to do.


    Are you sure that you don't have Reflection Rendering Frequency on "static" ? It slides back to static every time you tweak reflection quality. Makes car look darker, though still not so much.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2016
  15. I don't know about AI, guess I have it set somewhere around 97% I could not keep up :)

    I did change the sfx for those of the 312T tho.

    About body shaders, I have the best results by using the "Kunos" settings for it (the one shared early on here (http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/i...odelling-stuff-add-your-knowledge-here.19704/), and then adjusting the end result via changes to the map texture and the AO map.

    Now I wish we could animate throttle linkage (without resorting to hacks like doing it via aero animation) :)

    Steering wheel animation is a little off (seems like the wheel turns faster than teh hands moving it), but I play in dashboard view mostly so it is no great concern for me.
  16. mantasisg


    @AccAkut Practice :D I can keep up with AI at 98%, and I'm not a pro.

    iRider will be sad that you changed to 312T sounds, I'm too :( But I know it lacks some towards high RPM, I don't know much about sound business, iRider have been gone for a while, some people say he has problems with internet, all I know is that he is iRider. But sounds ain't bad, as much as I know they are not too close to final version, I hope.

    Hard to comment on shaders, just using kunos parameters, or some from shaders thread just doesn't do it for me, I guess I'm not that good with RGB texture parameters yet.

    If it would be possible to animate throttle pedal, I guess it would be possible to animate throttle linkage, I guess. Haven't really got into animation very much.

    Steering wheel is fine. Driver hands are terrible :) But I don't find them too distractive when concentrated on driving :)
  17. iRider's sounds just sound really synthetic in my ears, to a degree I found it hard to judge what the engine was doing. The 312T sfx isn't the best fit too because the XJ13 revs lower as the 312T did. I know its hard to find good V12 samples, but you should not at all costs try finding that exact same engine as source.

    I saved all stock Kunos samples from before they did the move to FMOD to one of my external drives... could be a good basis for a soundbank.
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  18. Congrats with the release!

    I agree with that it's a bit too dark. It could be that it hasn't got enough fresnel reflection, though. On high angles it hardly reflects any more than on, say, a 45 degree angle.
    The scratched paint looks awesome.
    The hands don't move correctly with the wheel and there is no shift animation - I know, a pain.
    The shaders could use some overall work (windshield wipers more chromey, steering wheel "pins" more reflective, badge on the dash more reflective, etc).
    Modelling wise, perhaps the panel gaps could be a bit more pronounced. The panels are now tightly squeezed together. Could be a heck of a job so not sure if it's worth the effort :p
    The driver's helmet is visible from cockpit view.

    And this might be critical: the front tyres show up green (ideal temp) when exiting the pits, while the rears don't. And they both have the same temperature. Perhaps both tyres have different heating characteristics and if so please correct me on this. But I've never seen this before.

    Enough with the "errors", the team did a great job and I will definately enjoy it regardless :D
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  19. mantasisg


    @AccAkut I wish iRider will contact to you, he has been gone for a while, I hope he will be back... otherwise we will need solutions.

    @NightEye87 Thank you a lot ! One more very valuable opinion :) I really thought about frsnel too, it does make it better, but I was afraid to make it really really reflective (though real car is very reflective). ALso very nice observation about angle, have to take a look.

    Yeah those animations are real pain for me, must confess. I agree about wipers, not sure about the badge. Also I don't really understand about panel gaps being more pronounced.

    Drivers helmet is not visible for me, unless seat pushed backwards. One guy posted an issue with VR where driver head is visible, thats important issue. Driver overall will be reworked, very high priority.

    Super interesting thing about tires heating, @aphidgod will respond soon, I think :)
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  20. Regarding panel gaps, compare these:
    (zoom in for more detail)
    They are touching each other as if the panel is pressed against it with force, rather than having a nice relaxed stay inside its gap :p
    As I said, I don't really think it's worth the time to fix this.

    Regarding the driver's head:
    I'm using TrackIR, which basically is 2D VR, so whenever you look (or brake in my case), the head is/was (have been playing with the driver3d.ini) obstructing the view.

    As for that badge behind the steering wheel: I assumed it's some kind of gold plated plaque or maybe brushed metal? My head just tells me it should reflect some more, but it might not do that in real life (couldn't find proper photos).

    I'll eagerly await @aphidgod 's excuse for that tyre temperature :whistling: :inlove: