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Jaguar XJ13 Chrome Line coupon

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Angel Pradel, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. One detail. It's only for EU accounts.
  2. I got hold of this, lovely car. Though surely they would have to have this available accross seas too. What annoys me is that all these cars are in the game, they just need to be unlocked with these various codes. There are a whole bunch of different cars that most of us will never be able to get, all the while 80% of the games cars are low quality imports from Gt4 and GT psp.

    I want a Stealth Mclaren F1 :(.
  3. The Mclaren f1 stealth is overrated in my opinion. I would give you mine but I cannot gift code-accessed cars. :(
  4. Its more about a love affair than how awesome it is really. First thing i did was save up my cash and leveled until i could buy a Mclaren F1, loved it right away. i've been obsessed with the car since i was a kid, my parents took me to some car museum in england for easter when i was just a child in the mid 90's and i got to sit in a yellow Mclaren F1, there were other amazing cars there like the land speed record Bluebird car, among others but to be honest the only one i cared about was the Mclaren :).

    I got screwed over by amazon, they will only give the stealth codes to people who preordered the Standard edition of the game, i preorded the collecters and then when i emailed them about my codes they said that i am not elegible because the deal was only for standard, a bit misleading to be honest but what can you do.
  5. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Keep fighting! Play.com are refusing to give me access to the pre-order 'stealth pack', because my order history shows that I bought the bog-standard version of GT5. However, when I made the purchase it clearly showed that I was ordering the correct item, which I can prove as it says so on the order confirmation and dispatch confirmation emails, as well as the paper receipt that came with the game!

    Three web-form contacts made so far, but each seems to go to someone that can't be bothered to READ the whole thing. They wont give me a proper email address either, so that I can send them my proof.


    Third time lucky, it seems.

    I don't really care about the pack, but it was the principle of the matter!
  6. I have emailed Amazon again but with a sob story, see if this works. I've heard stories of a few people over at GTP forums who got the codes after they sent a few emails.
  7. I got my codes by email from Amazon for both Mazda 787b stealth and McLaren F1 steath. They did send the codes to me days apart but I got them and I never once had to contact them about it...thumbs up to amazon :)
  8. Did you get the Standard or Collectors?
  9. I got the standard :/

    tbh...I wasn't expecting the codes but I got an email saying there was a delay supplying them and that I will recieve them as soon as possible :)
  10. Ahh i got the collectors, might have been better off getting the standard, meh. Got another email from amazon basicly saying no because i didnt preorder the standard. Didnt hurt trying.