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Skins Jaguar R4 1.0


  1. Thanks! Loved jaguar when they were in F1
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  2. Hopefully you fixed the shiny problems that your old upload had cause this car can spare the time for me once I'm back doing the 2003 mod. One car less .
  3. I don't think so.
    This is just a re upload.
    I'll fix it.
  4. please do this skin for f1 2013?:)
  5. Not possible with the mirroring problem.
    Not possible to make the way it is and should be.
  6. What is in the File, And How Can It Be 10MB? Not 1MB-3MB?
  7. This is based on which team:)
  8. sorry.......I missed it.....
  9. well done!
  10. Now i see why vettel is not so quick.
    He has gained a lot of weight. ;)
  11. Yeah. He ate too many cookies before winter testing :)
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