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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by tjc, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. tjc


    Hi all...

    Just wondering if I`m the only one suffering quite bad AA/jaggies with AC just now?

    It`s really not very good for me atm but was really nice and smooth looking in the past.

    The tracks don`t look too bad but the cars have quite bad jaggies which doesn`t affect driving (obviously :D) but definitely affects screens.

    I`m using in game settings which are maxed. GTX 780 3GB which gives good performance with AC and also good performance and lovely graphics (no jaggies) with other titles...

    NCP is set to "Application Controlled".

    Is there anything out there to try, settings wise?

    Any help is appreciated. :)
  2. Andrew

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  3. To get the best results one can hope for in AC I belive you need to use nVidia inspector.
    Set SGSS (Sparse Grid SuperSampling) to 4x (or some even use 8x?), be ready for quite a big FPS drop though.

    That is what i use and it makes things look a lot better imo.

    Edit: There are several threads about this, here is one but there are more to be found :)

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  4. tjc


    Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it. I`ve tried a few different things but nothing seems to help that much with the jaggies (so far)

    I don`t get it... I had AC looking lovely not that long ago but this last update or two things look fugly!

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  5. Don't forget that to be able to get SGSS benefits, it MUST be the same number you used for AA. This means that you cannot use 2xAA with 4xSGSS or any other combination, except the same number for AA and SGSS, i.e., 2xAA and 2xSGSS, or 4xAA and 4xSGSS, and so on. This is due the way SGSS is implemented.
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