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Fictional Holden SuperV8 Livery.

  1. Justin Davis

    Justin Davis
    Premium Member

    Justin Davis submitted a new resource:

    JAGERMEISTER RACING (HOLDEN SUPERV8) (2 LIVERIES) - Fictional Holden SuperV8 Livery.

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  2. Tried to join 2 public servers with the skin and got booted both times, whereas with default skin i was allowed to join no problem. Not sure why you say that it won't cause online mismatches, when any custom skin does cause one/always has. :unsure: Unless it's part of a standalone rfm.
  3. Justin Davis

    Justin Davis
    Premium Member

    I should've clarified, it won't cause online mismatch as long as you use a driver/.veh file that the server also has, as in this mod doesn't change any hdv/rfm files. Thought that would be obvious, sorry...

    If you want to use a custom skin on a server that doesn't have your mod installed you can always just drop the skin into an existing team folder and rename the skin (although the custom skin will only be visible to you, no one else on the server).
  4. Yeah, i thought as much. Thanks for the clarification and the tip.