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Ivibe tactile feedback through you Butt

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Rupe Wilson, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    One step at a time.. Staff Member Premium Member


    I found this site and although it looks interesting i cant make out how good it would be..
    it lists iRacing, rFactor, rFactor2, gtr2, rac07, Live for speed, Arca sim racing, RBR.

    Here are the details:-
    Welcome to ivibe.com, home of the most advanced and versatile tactile feedback system ever available for computer gaming. Our product, the TFS3 (Tactile Feedback System v3.0), will make any given game or simulation as realistic as possible. If you drive a car in a game or simulation, you'll feel like you are actually inside the real car. If you fly an aircraft in a game or simulation, you'll feel like you are actually in the real aircraft. No matter what game you play or how you move around in that game, our tactile feedback system will work like nothing else can to make it as real as it can possibly be. We've got tactile feedback in a seat that has nothing to do with sitting on a subwoofer. We've got an expandable tactile feedback system that works with EVERYTHING, right out of the box!

    Does this mean we can finally drive through the seat of our pants:D
    More of an explanation from the site..

    During DRIVING simulations AudioSense will generate enough information so the tactile feedback seat will make you feel like you are sitting in the simulated car. Depending on how well the audio in the simulation is rendered, AudioSense will generate tactile feedback based upon:
    the energy condition of your engine (RPM)
    your throttle position
    skidding or sliding on your tires
    driving on rough surfaces, dirt, or grass
    bumpimng into other cars or objects
    shifting gears
    During these and any other simulations, AudioSense will do its best to NOT generate tactile feedback as a result of things like other cars' engine sounds, radio chatter or background music.

    How does the TFS3 generate the tactile feedback that I can feel?
    Your computer is connected to the TFS3 electronic controller, which itself connects to the TFSU seat and other tactile feedback kits (these are not yet available).
    The TFS3 electronic controller controls the tactile feedback devices that are connected to it.

    The tactile feedback devices themselves are what create the physical sensations that you can feel.

    Each tactile feedback device has within it a tactile feedback actuator, which consists of a very powerful motor that throws around a weight that has been optimized for its mass and shape, thereby yielding the maximum angular momentum potential possible for the power and efficiency characteristics of the motor we use. In simpler terms, this means the combination motor and weight inside our tactile feedback actuators is the perfect solution for making the precise type of vibration we require.

    When our tactile feedback actuators do their thing, they perform physical work that creates physical vibration. This type of vibration is vastly superior to a loud speaker that tries to vibrate you with sound waves. You'll know what we mean when you try the system
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  2. is that site still alive? :cautious:
    Looked at it a couple of years ago and it seemed interesting but never actually bought it.
    Would be nice to hear some feedback from people who actually use it. :)
  3. I own one since 2007 and it became in this year all what I have expected from it in all the years, because the developer makes an upgrade to version 3.0 of the hardware and released a new software with support of much more titles...so i would say, it is very alive.

    You get a controllerbox with 6 Mabuchi 540 vibration motors for 6 zones of massive force feedback effects direct out of the supported sims. And if your game is not direct supported, you will get vibes generated from the sound.

    It is real forcefeedback for your body, I love it and don't want to drive without this seat of pants or popometer (we call it in german).

    It is worth a try.
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  4. I've also had a look at this as I need a bit of popometer (great word :)) in my rig.
    Do you just feel vibrations or does it also give sustained pressure to simulate G force through corners?

    I'm dreaming of this motion simulator but it costs almost as much as my car and is fairly ugly too...but it does look amazing!
  5. decided to create another thread
  6. There are the same effects used as on motionsims. Acc, Brake, Shifting, RPM, Speed, Curbs, Up and Downs, Collisions, Roadbumps, Gravel, Spinning and sure G-Forces in each direction...you can mix every effect in the tfs controll panel to your needs. It is not the feeling of a seatmover, but it gives you a very immersive effect by its kind of technology....you feel your car.

    And GSC is running perfekt, too.
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  7. Thanks Mkase. It sounds like a decent cheaper alternative to the ultraforce or geko system.
    Good to know its working with GSC too :)
  8. One thing to add: I took the motors out of the cushion und build them direct into my Recaro at the same places like in the cushion.
    It is easy to do, open the cover of the seat, cutting some holes in the foam of the seat and place the motors direct in.
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  9. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    One step at a time.. Staff Member Premium Member

    Now this does appeal to me, I have the GT Omega race seat. So it maybe worth a look to see what I could do...
    thanks for the info....:thumbsup:
  10. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    Would like to see some pics of the inner workings of this thing.
  11. The motors are Mabuchi 540 with an excenter and in plastik housing...there is nothing really to see....and they are now round about 5 years hidden in my Recaro ;)
  12. I would like such a cool part!:) Perhaps one can place a bulk order. 4 piece and it will be cheaper!:thumbsup:
  13. Im thinking to order one ... but i have a question ... my MB only have one audio output so if i use it to connect it to TFS3 how will i connect the audio to my speakers?

    EDIT: another question ... how noisy are the cushion engines? will they bother other people on the room next to mine during the night?
  14. I tried to order one a while back but after a couple of months of them not replying to any emails and looking at the dead forums I decided to cancel the order :(
  15. I know this product has been around for a long time, and that many users have had to wait many, many months for things to improve. As it's taken so long to come together things in the sim world have moved on. I'm wondering how good this unit is if it depends on how good the audio output is. Surely something like this would now be so much better if it could be driven by the SimVibe software ?
  16. I had exactly the same question
    and if i's not possible
    can anyone tell me how good/bad it is compared to simvibe hooked up on some buttkickers?