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Ive never raced online before, What do i need to know?

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Scott Malone, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Hi, Always played offline, I play RBR, Race 07, Pcars etc, Been doing it for years. This game has really grabbed my attention, When i sort out my set ups etc (Im at pro level and about 1.5 seconds off the pace at Brasiliia) i was thinking of having a go online with you guys, What do i need to do to get going? Also i will req a big 'Novice' Sticker to go on the back of the truck! Cheers.
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  2. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    To race online, you need the official game. Thats just about it.
    To drive around with RD members, on the RD servers, and with normal rules (so no stupid online wreckers around), you only need to apply for a license.

    You can do that here, and it's free.

    Next up, join the servers, and have fun :)

    Do not worry about pace. There are always people around with the same pace. with which you can battle. And your pace will improve automaticaly.

    I can tell you this. I have spend a lot of time offline practicing. Was all nice and stuff, but when I did my first real online race here, I learned more in 1 event, then in all my offline sessions.

    So Apply for the license, and lets get on track :)
  3. I can really recommend to go play online its real fun when you are with a group off people on a track !
    Don't worry if your not that quick we all had to learn just enjoy yourself !
  4. Cheers for the info fellas, Ive just applied for a license!
  5. I'm the same as you mate, I only ever play offline (mainly GTR Evo and GSC2012) but decided it's time to take the step. This place seems so nice and mellow I half expect to crash online and one or two of them to stop and get out their trucks to check I'm okay :laugh:

    I'm gonna put my name down for a race, don't care if I spend 10 laps checking out their big 'ol truck butts' :roflmao:
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  6. im glad i decided to get licensed, its been a blast racing these trucks with respectful racers. I havent seen any wreckers yet.:)
  7. I am looking forward to see you guys online. If I had one suggestion for you guys, is to do some offline test races where you behave as if the other trucks were driven by real drivers. It's very easy to fall into the habit to pass forcefully or blocking when racing the AI. After all, they don;t get their feelings hurt. But if you carry the same driving style online, you are not going to make many friends (and I am assuming that's the way you drive offline. If you don't so much the better for you).

    For instance with Gmotor 2 AI it's common to pass the field at T1 because they are so slow when they race in a group. You don';t what to do that online.
    Also when it comes to blocking, remember that you can switch sides only once, you cannot go back and fort to block a passing car. I am mentioning this one because some time ago I had that very experience with a new driver that assumed it was legal to block me on the straight by weaving left and right, even though I was faster than him.

    Again, I am not assuming this is the way you guys drive offline, but it's possible you do and if you never driven in MP it's easy to fall back on the way you have learned to drive offline.

    good luck
  8. Thanks for the advice Corrado, Racing offline i have always given the AI the greatest respect! Anyone can smash there way through the field, It proves nothing! Having viewed Coens Interlagos POV video i must say i was suprised by the amount of contact, Quite a lot of it unnecessary?
  9. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth

    Racing online is much more fun because of the unpredictable nature of humans. So don't worry if you accidentally hit someone, a quick apology makes everything okay, most if not all members are very forgiving :)