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It's weeks like this..

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by John Martin, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. That make wanna quit Iracing all together. Last week was a milestone week for me. This week has seen me lose nearly 300 Ir and 2.00 sr. I am pissed to say it short. Trucks are at Dega don't care to run there this week due to the crappy luck I have there. A class COT is at NHMS a track I hate and Nationwide is at Dover a track I was looking forward to running, but keep have problems off of T2. Yet I tried races at each and wreck in the 5 races I have attempted this week. This week has been hell on earth for me can't wait to see it end. Trucks Martinsville next week. Might do well there. Class A are going to Dover. Not racing that class next week. And Nationwide is going Michigan. Might do well there too.
  2. These problems happen in every game and in real life too and you can't do anything about it. Keep in mind that if you're a good and safe driver, you'll gain these points and SR back very soon. Everyone gets caught by a losing streak from time to time, don't worry about it, you're a A class driver and that simply means you are definitely able to drive very well :)
  3. My races have been pretty schizophrenic the past month, too, and I get...mad...when things go wrong, but it blows over. The Watkins race in the Skippy today irritated me terribly as I was on pace for a top five when a guy tried to cut me off and ended up wasting my car. Finished 11th, eventually.

    On the other hand, other than that single incident, I think I had a pretty smooth race and noted my improved pace over last season compared to the other cars, so I really ought to be happy.

    Hard to think that way, sometimes, though.:cool:
  4. Thing is I could be competitive in a 1700-1800 SoF, but every time I make progess it is like 2 steps forward 3 steps back. I can easily get Top 5 after Top 5, but I always seem to find the village idiot every race. Or have a good race followed by a bad race. I'm not quiting but this crap is begining to irritate me to the breaking point. If I could just get out of the lower splits this crap would come to an end for the most part.
  5. Yes it probably would, but I think you should also keep in mind that there are many accidents in real motorsport. There's a crash almost every race and since you drive iRacing races more often, chances of getting into trouble are very high. On the other hand, I definitely agree with you that iRacing drivers are quite aggressive from time to time and many of them should learn to sacrifice their own position in order to make the race celaner and safer. It gets even harder, because many of these "players" may be very fast and qualify ahead of you and it makes the whole race a bit dangerous.

    They should provide a mandatory electric chair to every iRacing driver... you crash, you get a shock, as simple as that :) And not like 24V, 230V would be enough I think. :D
  6. My question is why does everybody worry about irating? To be honest I don't even know what that number means. lol.
  7. Jamie, your iRating decides what splits you get into. the higher the iRating, the higher the split... eg. in the V8 Supercar Monday night series that us Aussies race in, you will not get into split 1 unless you have an iRating of around 2500+.
  8. Also for some odd reason i have the worst luck withcars that have the #9.
  9. Ah o.k. Thanks Rhys!
  10. i dont no about u but everyweek seems like that to me always getting in the crappy splits and never finishing well because of the bumper cars that i always get on the track,