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It's toying with me!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Niels Pedersen, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Hi everybody this is my sadly story about my mums teasing pc:

    I borrowed the drive and IDE cable to format my own computer from my mums computer, and now my own pc is sorted, then i'd needed to fiddle the two components back..

    But now;

    1st drive will show up on the pc, but won't show anything inside(discs) - it was the one I borrowed.

    2nd drive wont even open, when the IDE cable is connected, without cable it's fine, it can open and stuff.

    What the HELL is wrong with it?

    Niels Pedersen.
  2. could you try and explain it a bit clearer, especially the 2nd comment because i dont understand how you can use a HD without the ide cable attached ;)
  3. Niels,

    I don't understand what you mean by taking the drive and cable from your mums computer to format your computer and as Nigel says the second part of your post is also very confusing.

    Can I suggest you maybe post in Danish or try and explain it better in English.

  4. I own a self constructed computer, without harddrives. I borowed one from my mother's computer, which only has connection via IDE cables, and therefore i needed the connection cable aswell - in her computer, there's two harddrives, I borrowed harddrive 1.

    When my formatting was complete, I wanted to reinstall harddrive 1 along with the cable, and now the tricky part!:

    Harddrive 1; Works, but her computer can't see whats inside the tray, tried both CD's and GTR2 CD - nothing. Keep in mind, that I've just used that drive.

    Harddrive 2: Won't work, when the IDE cable is connected to it (it can open only when the power cable is connected).

    Was that better explained?
  5. Your talking about a CD/DVD Drive NOT a Harddrive! No wonder they were confused lol! Check your Bios on start-up, you may have the two drives mixed up (tho they should auto-detect?)

    Sorry I'm not great with PC's have to struggle on my own stuff lol
  6. Erm not really mate but I think it's getting clearer.

    Are you talking about CD\DVD drives or Hard drives, it now sounds like you're talking about CD\DVD Drives?

    Make sure the IDE cable is connected the correct way, i.e. the correct end connected to the Mobo and if using one drive jumper it as a Master or Cable Select and connect it to the Master connector on the cable, if using two drives they should have the jumpers set to Cable Select or as Master and Slave and be connected to the corresponding connector on the cable, also make sure Power Cables are connected securely.

  7. jumpers i used to get all mixed up with them to :(

    thankfull yi use sata now which doesnt use em :)

    also cd/dvdrw`s are not exoenvive less than 20euros will get you a good one, maybe worth getting for next time ;)
  8. Well, yes it is dvd drives, sorry bout that one...

    But how should the jumpers be placed? I have no knowledge in the anatomy of that. I've always used SATA..

    a littel addition to the second drive...

    It will only open, when it's only the power cable theres connected.
  9. OK.

    The drives do need to be powered, so it wouldn't eject the tray unless power was connected, do you have power to both DVD drives?

    I'm presuming that seeing as you have no knowledge about the jumpers that you did't change anything after taking the drive out of your Mums system, so it's safe to assume the drive still has the jumper set correctly.

    Were both DVD drives originally connected to the same IDE cable in your Mums system?
  10. Yes, a dual cord...
  11. OK.

    If you plug both drives into the IDE cable, power them both up and boot into Windows do either of them show up in Device Manager?
  12. The 1st one does, but as said, I can't access whats inside the tray ....
  13. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    meaning you can't get the disk out of the unit


    Windows cannot read the disk?
  14. windows cannot read the disc, as explained in sooner posts, it's the one that actually can open whilst having the IDE cable connected ^^.
  15. I have now taken a picture of the BIOS:
  16. it is now solved, turned out to be a defect IDE cable...

    Jobs done!