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It's rubbish compared to Netkar Pro

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Samuel Fuller, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller

    ok heres the deal. after spending 1hr on this game I got the settings right. and have decided its rubbish. I really cant see why the grids are full on the club racing. can we all just pick up our things and move to the netkar pro forum because that game is far far better in every respect. bring on Asetto corsa.
  2. Care to elaborate? one hour of fiddling around and your opinion holds more weight than those of us that have been racing this game since it came out?
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  3. ok here's the deal, your paragraph is invalid... 1 hour of driving the sim and you are a expert on this sim? very disrepestful to say a other game is better in every aspect, all games are different, some are good for people and not for others, it's the way the world goes around.
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  4. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller

    it is just my opinion. i just cant understand the lack of people on netkar pro. and came here to try and find out. And now I really cant understand the lack of people on netkar pro. I did think if I gave the formula classic more time I could enjoy it but the other cars just werent as good as netkar pro in ffb response. feel of being connected to the track. and ability to lean on the tyres.
  5. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller

    Also If you have to spend hours tweaking settings to make a game work than you should have more than one hour they should give you one car one track single player as a demo. Or make it so it doesnt require so much 'fiddling around'.
  6. Samuel, I mean this very respectfully... What are you talking about? I installed tha new GSC version, selected my preferred controls and graphics/audio settings and was racing in about 5 minutes... what do you mean by hours tweaking settings to make the game work?

    I bought Netkar Pro and Ferrari Virtual Academy (as well as iRacing & the whole Simbin Race series) and have made my decision as to what are the two best games for my particular "needs".

    I rate Kuno's work very highly as well as Reiza. Both titles are great but obviously everybody will have their opinion as to which game is better for their taste. That does not give you the authority to state that X game is rubbish and Y game should be the only one everybody uses... I completely respect the fact that you did not enjoy GSC 2012 for whatever reason, but please be mature about your statements and dont start a X game vs Y game forum war, it's pointless.
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  7. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller

    I didn't mean to start a war its just my opinion. hope you all have many more hours of fun on this game. you never know i might crack and give it another go over the weekend.
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  8. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium

    We do all play it because it's good. No one knows because the online play is poor.

    In terms of GSC. To me it feels fantastic, to have such a responsive and challenging sim based on the rfactor 1 systems is nothing short of a miracle and reiza have completely outdone themselves on this one with everything feeling and looking loads more polished and refined than previously achieved.
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  9. Cool, thanks for being respectful, but you still didn't answer my question.. what exactly do you need to tweak for hours to make GSC work?
  10. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    I´d say we put in a decent amount of effort trying to get the Game to work well out of the box, but I guess to some extent one man´s (and his rig) perfect out-of-the-box configuration will always be another´s fiddlings hours away from decent. Not easy to get it right for every equipment out there - let alone every taste! :)
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  11. I'm eagerly waiting for Asseto Corsa too, as I too like NetKar Pro. Cant understand the lack of people online, and sincerely I've given up. Don't launch NKPro for decades... (ok, did a few laps before posting just to get that feeling again).
    Anyway, the content and the feeling on GSC are really first class compared to almost all other sims out there. Way better than rF1, rivaling with NKPro and rF2 ffb... don't know why you didn't feel the same. NKPro still has the crown when it comes to the "being connected to the track" feeling - but GSC is very close.
    For me, there's an added bonus: it has all the Brazilian good tracks on it. :)
  12. I dunno, I feel the extended Trial Length paired with limited adjustment in the Car Setup was more than alright if you know how to setup your gear for gmotor games, there's even more complex stuff in other games/mods.

    PS: Fernando is faster than you....

    because he knows the track very well :D
  13. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    NKP is fantastic on many areas but after all those years its been out I am really happy to race something else for now. I also like the Brazilian tracks very much. It was actually one of the reasons to buy the original GSC in the first place. I am bored with always the mainstream F1 tracks that are in every sim nowadays. Never even heard of Jacarapagua, Londrina, Velopark and all those other small twisty turn tracks before. Glad I do now.

    And I am sure AC will be awesome as well and will also provide hundreds of hours of game play with an active community involvement, but for the time being I am happy to spend my energy in a total new game :)
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  14. I really like Netkar. If i am honest it doesnt look that great and Online is quite bad.
    But the driving is awesome. And i find GSC equally good if you look at the FFB and physics. So saying its rubbish is quite weird. Probably has something to do with wheel settings i think.
  15. Having recently bought GSC, I've been blown away by how fantastic GSC is; graphics are nice (car models are brilliant), sounds are excellent and most importantly the FFB feels sensational (default G27 settings are sublime) and the physics are believable and appear to be realistic when compared to the real event videos posted on RD. GSC thoroughly deserved RD's game of 2011.

    The free update of the 2012 season shows how classy Reiza Studios as a lot of other companies would have charged for this. FWIW, I'd rank GSC alongside NetKar Pro and FVA as my favourite sims right now - sorry SimBin!

    I look forward to Assetto Corsa, GTR 3 and whatever Reiza Studios have for us in the near future.
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  16. Jacarapagua has been an F1 Track in the 80s infact. Layout is now completely different and still the oval remains as a CART track in the late 90s. So that would be a slight conflict in your knowledge. Anyway I get what you mean there's way to many replicas of a certain amount of tracks going on now. At peak is Spa, there's like 80 Versions out there now, followed by Monaco in 60 Versions. Would be a cracker to see them at Porto, Portimao or Estoril, though.

    Trackwise I predict they go like Reiza with their national backround primarily. Italian Club Circuits will be key, awesome little tracks like Vallelunga, Franciacorta, Verano, Pergusa and Misano and a few bigger ones.
  17. To say it's just rubbish is too harsh imo but I understand where you are coming from.

    Whilst the FFB is very good you don't quite get the same feeling as being connected to the track like in NKP and that is slightly disapointing. TBH I think it is down to realfeel......the low speed feeling for me is massively lacking.

    The most disapointing thing is that the online servers are almost as dead as NKP and I have to go back to RACE 07 to get any sort of decent casual racing.
  18. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Thats why I said mainstream F1 tracks. Jaca isn't classified as mainstream imo.
  19. Joao Borges

    Joao Borges

    I just tried out the 60 minute trial, and I have to say the game is really good. The graphics surprise the most, because of the old engine it has and yet it looks great. I don't know how Reiza was able to squeeze that much out of the engine. FFB feels great!

    The only reason why I'm not interested in purchasing it is because of the content. I'm not a big fan of the Stock Cars, or the Formulas. The Mini, however, interests me a lot but isn't out yet. Whether you like it or not, the game has quality, it's well done, which has gotten me excited for the Senna game.
  20. Yeah I get what you mean, just imagine Reiza doing the inaurugal Version of Stock Car Brasil '79 on then unknown tracks except Interlagos which was famous from 1930 or somethen :D