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It's going to RAIN

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by paulinho, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Nice, should be fun :)
  2. CAR


    Kunos talked of a surprise yesterday evening, when he also revealed that v1.2 would be the last of the 1.x series, before work begins on another :)
  3. That will be NetKar Pro 2 :)
  4. Well guys you know whats gonna happen now he:p:p rain races
  5. Its just what we need, from long, long time
  6. I hope its gonna be changeable weather:)
  7. it will have changes Bjorn!!

    He was asked and said 4 choices of rain!

    1: Dry or full rain without changes
    2: Levels of rain:for example 0%-100% (whitout changes if u choose for example 60%)
    3: Rain changes during the race
    4: Rain changes during race and in diferent points in track will be diferent amount of rain!

    He said that he would love to make the 4th option available at christmas but he thinks that is very dificult...
    He said probably will make available the 1 and 2 option at christmats and then in future with updates he will make the 3 option available.

    I transfer this from our forum that Chris Kehagias posted it,i tryed to translate from Greek to English sry for bad translating :(

    So,whatever is the option Kunos makes us happy!!!
  8. Awesomeness. Right there.

  9. CAR


    Duplication, as efficient as ever (Kunos originally posted that in English on DrivingItalia) :)

  10. Yes very nice :)
  11. I'm really impressed with the sound in particular, I can't remember other racing games where the sound of driving on a wet road was portrayed well but it definitely seems to be here :)
  12. Would be nice if we had a higher res video just to check out the windscreen effects, you can see them slightly but the puddles and reflections look pretty good. Considering the age of the engine aswell, the F1800 is just gonna be manic with this weather. The Abarth looks to be understerring like crazy round there in that video, which is a good sign.
  13. A good step to improve the simulation yet i hope it is implemented the right way.For example reflective rain droplets are needed to stay/move on the windshield or driver helmet.Also wind speed and movement speed should affect the way droplets are applied on the windscreen and helmet.Also brake lights/headlamps should be reflected on the road as well.I know these are details but its the details that make or brake a feature like rain.
  14. rain effect on the track, great (image from Markus at DI)

  15. Uff


    Does anybody want some new screens? :)

  16. Uff


  17. woooooh ooooooh thanks a lot mate :thanks:
    photo with lights signal reflecting on pit lane is incredible, great work !!
  18. Looks sweet :good:. Now I'm worried if I'll be able to run it smoothly :eek:
  19. very nice indeed it's great to see the underrated sim evolve to something like this :)