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It Could Be Lew - Next Year

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. RaceDepartment

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  2. Soon Mercedes will fight with the ToroRosso,it's sad...
  3. Idk, I think in 2014 everything will change due to the engines and what not. We could see something interesting and I'm surprised Lewis has done as well as he has so far are Mercedes. I though he might have been pretty useless at Merc, but 2 poles to him and Nico. Merc could look pretty good for next year if they time it right.

    The last time the cars changed it was 2009, Ross Brawn had a great car. Maybe could be the same next year, who knows.
  4. Sadly, almost all of the current F1 technical directors only seem to be 'reacting' when Newey and Red Bull 'up' their game. It's a bit difficult to watch.
    It's no wonder why RBR has three back-to-back titles and continues kicking everybody's a**.
    If they don't get their head out and start leading with new innovation (instead of reacting), I'm afraid new engines, new regulations or anything else will not save them...and RBR will continue to lead.
  5. Newey really isn't even innovating that much: he's actually more like Steve Jobs in that he recycles old ideas at the right time and perfects them. The RB hasn't been such a good car for the last 4 years because of some ingenious innovation but rather because everything fits together perfectly.

    Other teams have been more innovative (double diffuser, F-duct, short wheelbase (Merc in '11), DDRS, DRD, tiny gearbox, Williams brake system, tiny sidepods (Sauber), front pull-rod suspension, etc.) but most of those things either got outlawed, backfired or didn't do too much.
  6. will people never learn to not read The Sun? it's full of lies and made up stories.....
  7. Giving Newey a fresh piece of paper is going to be scary.
    His cars are amazing, he knows better then anyone what really works and innovate things that actually gives a visible advantage.
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  8. As much as I want Lewis and Nico to do well next year, I'm not prepared to discount RBR or any other team because of new engine regulations.
    Regarding comments about Mercedes bringing the most powerful engine...I don't put much 'stock' in that.
    We all saw what Renault and Alonso did to every team in 2006 with less power and a much better overall package.
    Could it be Lew's year?....I hope so.